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AppTweak is a nice all-rounded solution for App Store management. Besides their lovely team, I feel their features about Search Ads really make them stand out.

Most ASO is done on partial data when at all. That's the problem ASO tools like AppTweak try to answer, filling a huge gap between what's available easily and what remains mystery.

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Thomas Petit

Growth Team Member

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We were looking for a tool primarily for keyword research which would relatively quickly give us keyword data in many localisations and markets.

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Agata Jajszczyk

ASO Manager at Babbel

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Rocket Internet

It’s not just business contract, it’s personal touch; openness regarding the data; constant tool improvement.

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Ekaterina Petrakova

Mobile Marketing Manager at Rocket Internet

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Yodel Mobile

AppTweak is different as it allows us to gain valuable insights for our ASO strategy without the need to connect our clients’ developer accounts into the platform.

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Rishan Weerakoon

Senior Growth Manager at Yodel Mobile

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I needed reliable keyword tracking in multiple languages. AppTweak seemed the most transparent, reliable and was affordable.

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Nick Duddy

ASO Expert at Miratrix

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Voyage Privé

We’re doing ASO at Voyage Privé since 3 years. It’s been 1 year that we’re using AppTweak to increase our rankings and drive more downloads.

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Quentin Lairy

Product Manager Mobile at Voyage Privé

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Happen Chances

What we really liked about AppTweak is – because we have quite a large portfolio of applications – that we could save them all and monitor lots of different keywords in many different territories.

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Mike Webb and Sabin Brooks

Founders at Happen Chances

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We use AppTweak amongst other tools to delve into keyword optimization for various clients. It offers some great features in terms of competitor insights, visibility scores etc. In particular, it’s UI is simple and straightforward.

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Pablo Penny

ASO Manager at Phiture

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