Our story

AppTweak didn't build itself in one day.

The beginning

How it all started.

Headquartered in Brussels, AppTweak was founded by Olivier Verdin and Sebastien Dellis in 2013.

AppTweak was initially a side project called the “ASO Toolbox”. It generated an instant App Store Optimization report with actionable recommendations for any iOS app in the US.

Since ASO was still in its early stages, the company’s first challenge was to educate app marketers and developers on its importance in the mobile user acquisition funnel.

AppTweak launched its resourceful ASO blog very rapidly, offering educational content on App Store Optimization and gathering more and more readers.

The team
The team

Funding and Growth

The exciting takeoff.

As both the interest and the demand grew, and given the increasing number of visitors each day on the platform, the company raised a first round of funding in April 2014.

By then, the first employees were hired and AppTweak officially became a paid platform in August 2014.

The company raised a total of $900K by August 2015 from Be Angels, which includes a group of investors operated by the international investment platform Go Beyond; from Brustart and from the Belgian media group Rossel.

Things escalated quickly from there: we launched new tools, added the Google Play Store, supported more countries & languages and created a unique ASO Keyword Tool.

We pursued our efforts in creating rich content to try demystifying ASO. Examples include our unique presentation called “App Store Optimization for Extreme Newbies” or the ASO University, a series of video tutorials on App Store Optimization best practices.

October 2016 marked a big moment in the app marketing industry: Apple unveiled App Store keywords Search Popularity. AppTweak was the first ASO tool to integrate and provide this traffic score!

The team
The team

Today and Tomorrow

A profitable and growing company.

AppTweak is today a profitable company with a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) that has tripled over the last 12 months.

Our team of now more than 20 employees (actually, we’re hiring!) strives everyday to improve the tool’s features and data, deliver rich content and make your experience on AppTweak the smoothest possible.

We now count over 800 active customers in 70+ countries; 42% of which are from Europe and 25% are from the USA.

2018 also marks the opening of our office in San Francisco, taking the company's growth to the next level.

Today, AppTweak is more than ASO tool; it also offers a powerful Search Ads Intelligence dashboard, empowering app marketers to improve their paid acquisition campaigns.

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow may bring!

Want to join the AppTweak adventure?

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