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2015-06-18 11:07:35 +0200 - laurie

Olivier Verdin, AppTweak co-founder, has recently been interviewed by Nidhi Shah, content strategist at Arkenea - mobile app design and development consultancy. Throughout a series of questions, Olivier shares his expertise in app marketing - especially in ASO - and provides us with useful tips and hacks. Here’s a sneek peek of his first answers. Read the rest of this interview on Arkenea Blog.

Can an app developer or entrepreneur use PR over the longer term? How can they sustain the momentum of press mentions over say a year or two?

Olivier: Using PR over the longer term is actually quite challenging. Getting press coverage and mentions over a year or two requires app developers or entrepreneurs to provide multiple significant news and improvements. Journalists or bloggers love to share useful and relevant facts to their audience. Trying to get media coverage for every new feature is nonsense and it will not seduce influencers. Instead, it is more interesting to communicate on an important milestone like an impressive amount of downloads or new funds for example.

In all cases, it is important to make regular app updates; the ideal would be once every 3 months. The point is to keep the app fresh and active.

The standard App Store Optimization practice constitutes title, screenshots, keywords, description, reviews and ratings, etc. Is there something beyond that which most app developers miss or largely don’t know about – say a hack?

Olivier: Majority of apps are being downloaded after a direct search in the App Store with keywords. Any app developer or marketer should therefore maximize their discoverability by finding the best keywords for their app. This is, however, not an easy task since it implies to find the right balance between relevance, competition and volume.

Many app developers tend to forget the importance of keywords whereas they are one of the most important parts of ASO. What they often miss is to include one or two strong keyword(s) in their app title. Indeed, keywords in the app name weight more than in the rest of the sections (e.g.: Keyword field for iOS apps and app description for Google Play apps).

How can one track the performance of ASO and the changes one makes from time to time? Are there tools that let you measure the performance?

Olivier: Just like in every app marketing strategy, App Store Optimization requires the setting of objectives and goals. In order to measure the effectiveness of the undertaken actions, it’s highly important to track various factors.

There are 3 measurements that can be easily done in order to track the performance of ASO:

1) (…)

Read the rest of this interview on Arkenea Blog.

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