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2013-09-02 12:09:02 +0200 - etienne

Over the last few years, the AppStore algorithm has been updated a few times without achieving Apple’s goals to ban cheaters and robotic downloads. This summer, Apple finally introduced a new algorithm, entirely redesigned to push forward newer apps with better reviews and reputation…

Reputation comes first

Until now, download volumes and velocity were the two most important factors for rankings on the App Store. Though, Apple recently changed the App Store algorithms to push forward the best apps instead of the “most popular” apps. This is a huge change for developers, who are now facing a new challenge. As a matter of fact, download volumes are less important than they used to be. In other words, apps may loose positions in the rankings despite being downloaded equally.

Apple’s new algorithm pushes forward apps with high ratings. 4 stars and 3 stars apps are now more inclined to grow steadily in the top rankings despite being less popular than some trendy apps. Apple’s new law enforcements also provide more ground for Young developers with better skills and less credits to cheaters.

Why changing the ranking algorithm?

According to Fiksu, Apple decided to change the algorithms to prevent cheaters to hit the top spots on the App Store. The new algorithm is seen as a mean to push forward apps with high rankings and heavy users instead of apps that are being downloaded a huge amount of times in a few hours only. A way to prevent cheaters to use robotic downloads and anomalies to falsify their rankings.

What else?

A few new features have been spotted by other experts:

Which basically means:

Behind the scenes

According to several reports, Apple might have changed its algorithm right after an app called “Glide” ended-up #1 in the Social Networks category and #16 in the global charts. By using spamming techniques, the developers managed to push forward the app despite a very low rating from its users. According to a few experts, Apple might have decided to change its algorithms to avoid this kind of situation.

What about AppTweak?

We have entirely redesigned our own algorithm and our optimization reviews in order to keep up to date with Apple’s new algorithm.

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By Etienne Froment 

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