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Android Tools v5.43 August 30, 2017 4.49

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Version v5.43 released on August 30, 2017
Bug fix for pro users

Version v5.42 released on August 08, 2017

Version v5.40 released on July 19, 2017

Version v5.30 released on July 17, 2017

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App Description

Dice is a lightweight, time saving app that can be used for any situation that requires random number generation. It is fast, simple, and highly customizable.

Features include the use of up to six dice at once (and 12 dice with the Pro Upgrade), holding dice (for games like Yahtzee!), shake-to-roll, and read total. You can also roll 12, 20, and custom sided dice in tandem with the six sided dice. Further customization options allow the user to control the vibration, sound effects, the rolling animation (this can be disabled for slower devices), and much more!

Thank you for downloading Dice by SeableApps

Dice Feature List:
- Roll up to six standard dice at once (and 12 dice with Dice Pro)
- Use 12, 20, and Custom sided dice on the same screen
- Shake device to roll the dice
- Display added total of all unheld dice on the screen
- Speaks added total of all dice out loud
- Long press on dice to see number of sides
- Tap to hold dice, and stop them from rolling
- Control over vibration, sound effects, rolling animation, staying awake,
- Help screen for support


App Screenshots

Dice Screenshot} Dice Screenshot} Dice Screenshot} Dice Screenshot}

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