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My Feng Shui Companion Classical Feng Shui application for house Feng Shui analysis

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The perfect companion for beginners, practitioners, consultants and experts in classical Feng Shui.

Functional and efficient, this application for Android mobile devices will follow you throughout your analyses and expertises in Feng Shui and will save your time.

Users with previous version must export and save application data BEFORE deinstallation to allow restoring them by importation after installing the new version.

By default data are exported in file MyFengShhuiCompanon/ExportData.xls.

This application calculate the Gua, Bazi elements, display the complete report, including the 24 mountains wheel, the flying stars grid and save as well as export the study case’s reports. For person with birth hour between 23-24 hour, the master of the day will not be the one of the next day.

Main door, kitchen and family role with work/bed Palace and Direction entries are also included. Distinction between facing direction of Flying star and House is also possible

Report Excel file is only in Vietnamese, English or French. Are reported observations/recommendations based on house’s type and flying stars combination, including some water flow omen information, relation with each resident Gua and Bazi’s elements. For husband and wife, those later elements are also used, since version 7, to evaluate their relation compatibilities.

When possible, a short explanation is also available. Door/Facing zone partitions are also displayed to help choosing the best door direction if necessary.

It's up to you to interpret the result in accordance with the surrounding energies of the place. Again, this application is only a helper. Before using its result, a perfect experience is required; for example to decide the house facade and its main direction, to distribute the flying star combination with each area of the study object, to determine the nature of surrounding object and soon. You must be sure of your experiences and if necessary please acquire them from traditional Feng Shui expert or school.

Have fun, make it your companion, it will not deceive you!

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