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Android Events 1.0 October 21, 2016 4.07

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Version 1.0 released on October 21, 2016

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App Description

of the contest and exhibition of precious stones here we serve a variety of gemstone for those of you who like collecting
1. Blue Blue: Lapis Lazuli
2. Sunstone: Biduri Surya
3. Bloodstone: Blood Agate / Dragon Sui
4. Rose Quartz: Quartz Rose
5. Rock Crystal: Amethyst Ice
6. Green Jasper: Badr Lumut
7. Emerald: Emerald
8. Ruby: Merah Delima
9. Tiger'e Eye: Tiger Eye / Biduri Sepah
10. Green Obsidian: Emerald Kalimantan
11. Hawk's Eye: Eagle Eye
12. Bixbite: Red Beryl
13. Idocrase: Sungai Dareh / Bio Solar Aceh
14. Chrysocolla: Batu Bacan
15. Opal: Stone Kalimaya
16. Agate: Agate
17. Jade: Jade
18. Rhodochrosite: Ruby Borneo
19. Pearl: Pearl
20. Iolite: Safir Air
21. Kyanite: Safir Australia
22. Diamond: Diamond / Diamond
23. Amethyst: Amethyst
24. Smoky Quartz: Amethyst Tea
25. Prasiolite Quartz: Amethyst Green
26. Pyrite: Badar Gold
27. Petrified Shell: Col Buntet
28. Textite: Meteor Stone
29. Chalcedony: Yemen
30. Red Jasper: Chicken Ati
31. Petrified Sea Coral: Badar Wasps
32. Labradorite: Laburador
33. Turquoise: Turquoise
34. Cat's Eye: Cat's Eye
35. Moonstone Feldspar: Sea Biduri
36. Rutilated Quartz: Amethyst Hair
37. Moonstone: Biduri Month
38. Chalcedony: spritus / Lavender
Stone Biduri Month
stone Cempaka
Biduri sea
Chrysocolla [1]
Malachite [2]
Cat eye
Alexandrite / Chrysoberyl
Hematite (Badar Besi)
Lapis Lazuli
Olivine / peridot
Pyrite = pyrite

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Gemstone Ideas Screenshot} Gemstone Ideas Screenshot} Gemstone Ideas Screenshot} Gemstone Ideas Screenshot}

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