Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love

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Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love


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Android Games - Simulation 1.0.8 April 14, 2015 4.06

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Version 1.0.8 released on April 14, 2015

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App Description

[Japanese Yaoi Game] Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love

Iyemitsu Tokugawa CV. Tetsuya Kakihara
Kasuga CV. Yusuke Shirai
Oman CV. Makoto Naruse
Masakatsu Inaba CV. Daisuke Ishida

The wartime was over and the Tokugawa clan started governing the Edo era.
Iyemitsu Tokugawa has become the third Shogun.

Forbidden relationship with super sadistic older brother.
His long suppressed distorted love toward his younger brother finally reaches the limit and…

Master-Servant Relationship. Crazy love gets Iyemitsu...
When Oman gets abused by his longing master, his mind crosses the border to become a beast and…

App Screenshots

Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love Screenshot} Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love Screenshot} Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love Screenshot} Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love Screenshot}

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