Superhero: Cube City Justice

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Superhero: Cube City Justice

Blocky Games Studio,

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Android Games - Action C16.3 November 03, 2017 4.15

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Version C16.3 released on November 03, 2017

Version C18 released on June 15, 2017
New User Interface
Improved Controls
Improved Radar now show enemies on different floors
Daily Rewards
Weapon Store
Improved Weapon Pick-ups
Several Bug and Balance Fixes

Version C17.3 released on April 19, 2017

Version C17.2.2 released on April 12, 2017

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App Description

Superhero Cube City Justice is ready for action! With intense first person shootout action, immersive 3D pixel graphics, challenging levels with game timers and intelligent enemies, your quest to become the ultimate warrior will be a tough journey. Do you dare proceed?

I cannot rest while thousands of innocent lives are endlessly lost. My freedom lies with theirs, for only once I liberate them from the evils that have corrupted our land for too long will I be able to hold my head high in good conscious. Only then will I be free of the bonds that bound me. It began the day an unfamiliar man sat next to me on the subway, glancing every so often at the newspaper I read. Unnerved by his presence, I handed it over to him when I finished with a nod. As he reached over, his hand slipped from the paper to clamp around my wrist. A searing pain shot through me and I slumped back against the seat, knocked unconscious from the pain. When I awoke, the man was gone, but in its place was a strange mark, and with this mark came an unraveling series of powers.... Powers I was destined to fulfill.

In a world of danger, one person stands against the forces of evil. That person... is you! Play this first person shooter game as the superhero of a terror-gripped metropolis. Game timers make your mission that much more difficult. Intelligent enemies make your every bullet a vital tool for your survival. Progressive difficulty play will take your mission to the next level for the ultimate challenge. Watch brief video clips to earn important power-ups that can help you in your success. Collect blocky weapons or fight hand-to-hand. Precision aiming is your friend. Run, jump, aim and shoot to annihilate all enemies and achieve glory!

Top Game Features:
-Settings Screen
-Loading Screen Game Tips
-Stronger Enemies
-Blocky Weapon Pickup
-Hand-To-Hand Combat
-Game Timers
-Power Ups
-Mission Style Instructions
-Precision Aiming

1) Metropolis City by night
2) Dark lair
3) High-tech base build of ice

App Screenshots

Superhero: Cube City Justice Screenshot} Superhero: Cube City Justice Screenshot} Superhero: Cube City Justice Screenshot} Superhero: Cube City Justice Screenshot}

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