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Android Auto & Vehicles 18.0 March 01, 2018 3.96

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Version 18.0 released on March 01, 2018
Calculate power from top speed
Improved accuracy of acceleration graph
Improved handling of drivetrain and parasitic power loss
Parasitic power loss input
Revert commands for all calculations
Undo option for list deletions
Improved formatting of data report
Minor bug fixes
Car Math Pro from Speed-Wiz
Automotive performance calculations

Version 17.0 released on January 01, 2018
Loan payments calculation and graph
Improved formatting of power curve report
Camshaft event diagrams
Revert command for conversions
Improved graphics
Minor bug fixes
Car Math Pro from Speed-Wiz
Automotive performance calculations

Version 16.0 released on September 01, 2017
Clutch pedal, clutch fork, and clutch hydraulics calculations
Automatic activation of Speed-Wiz modules
Car Math Pro from Speed-Wiz
Automotive performance calculations

Version 15.0 released on May 08, 2017
Light and dark themes
Improved graphics
Minor bug fixes
Car Math Pro from Speed-Wiz
Automotive performance calculations

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App Description

Car Math Pro has all the car calculations and simulations you need to build and modify cars. It's car math made simple.

97 automotive calculation pages, most with multiple calculations
122 graphs
19 conversion pages
15 optimization pages to help you reach your automotive performance goals

Car Math Pro is the tool you need!

General: 7 calculation pages and 7 graphs
Conditions including density altitude
Fuel including blends, additives, nitrous oxide

Engines: 22 calculation pages and 25 graphs
2-stroke or 4-stroke
Combustion chamber volume
Compression ratio
Piston dish or dome volume
Efficiency, BMEP, BSFC
EFI fuel injection
Air and fuel flow
Exhaust header and collector
Fuel injectors
Intake manifold
Maximum engine speed
Fuel octane requirement
Piston position, velocity, acceleration, force
Port velocity
Power and torque
Supercharger and turbocharger support

Turbochargers: 6 calculation pages and 6 graphs
Boost curve
Turbo compressor map
Turbocharger sizing and selection
Intercooler efficiency
Turbocharger system temperatures, pressures, and flow

Chassis: 13 calculation pages and 26 graphs
Battery voltage, density, charge level, freezing point, and self-discharge rate
Center of gravity in three dimensions, side and end weights, diagonal weights, weight distribution
Clutch pedal
Clutch fork
Clutch hydraulics
Coolant boiling and freezing point
Aerodynamic drag coefficient and rolling resistance coefficient
Drag force and power loss due to aerodynamic drag
Driveshaft speed
Frontal area
Gear ratio based on vehicle performance or gear tooth count
Overall gear ratio
Shift points based on torque peak, power curve, or redline
Speedometer error
Wing downforce and drag

Suspension: 11 calculation pages and 20 graphs
Anti-dive, anti-lift, and anti-squat geometry
Anti-roll bar rate for tubular or solid bars
Coil and leaf spring rate
Torsion bar stiffness
Suspension frequencies
Steering geometry
Strut, wishbone (A-arm), and 4-link suspension geometry

Performance: 10 calculation pages and 17 graphs
Acceleration simulation
Acceleration weight transfer
Braking performance simulation
Braking weight transfer
Cornering simulation
Cornering weight transfer
Steady-state going
Horsepower and torque based on acceleration
Power curve input
Shift points
Speeds in gears
Top speed (theoretical and actual)

Brakes: 7 calculation pages and 4 graphs
Brake pedal ratio
Braking rate, performance, time, distance, force, reaction time, weight transfer, balance
Caliper and master cylinder piston size and area
System vacuum and pressures
Brake caliper clamping pressure and drag
Brake rotor drag and torque

Tires: 4 calculations and 8 graphs
Tire selection
Tire sizing
Tire stagger
Tire temperatures

Racing strategy: 6 calculation pages and 3 graphs
Strategy inputs
Required stops
All stops
Strategy summary
Strategy details

Costs: 4 calculation pages and 2 graphs

Reference: 7 calculation pages and 3 graphs
Fuel consumption
Fuel costs
Driving costs

Conversions: 19 conversion pages
Flow by mass
Flow by volume
Fuel consumption
Length / distance
Speed / velocity
Spring rate
Volume / capacity
Weight / mass

Optimizations: 15 optimization pages
Directional stability
Engine efficiency
Engine flow
Engine power
Engine torque
Standing start
Top speed

Car Math Pro is easy and fun to use
Advanced, reliable, and proven algorithms
Unlimited vehicle and configuration files
Context-based online help
Metric and English inputs and outputs

App Screenshots

Car Math Pro Screenshot} Car Math Pro Screenshot} Car Math Pro Screenshot} Car Math Pro Screenshot}

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