CarPros - OBD Car Logger (PRO)

CarPros - OBD Car Logger (PRO) Gestión de vehículos - combustible / mantenimiento registrador / analizador / tracker, OBD registrador.

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    August 17, 2019

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  • CarPros - OBD Car Logger (PRO) screenshot
  • CarPros - OBD Car Logger (PRO) screenshot
  • CarPros - OBD Car Logger (PRO) screenshot
  • CarPros - OBD Car Logger (PRO) screenshot

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Log everything about your cars so that you won't forget what you did and you know what to do next!

1. Logger
Many people neglect the importance of maintaining oils, chemicals, and many parts that need to be replaced to prolong the car's life span. This app helps car owners, especially newbies to cars, manage their cars, track mileage, track what services need to be done, and so much more. The users can visualize their car parts' estimated life span so they can prepare upcoming maintenance.

2. OBD
The app can monitor your vehicle's operation state including RPM, speed, MAF, IAT, AFR, coolant temp, ignition timing etc... via an OBD adapter and display/notify analyzed information. Also DTC (trouble code) can be logged and cleared.

- Track car maintenance
- Track fuel logs
- View maintenance/fuel statistics
- Create reminders
- Manage multiple cars with one account
- Connect to your car using OBD adapter
- Save parking location
- Search nearby auto shops

Pro Version features
1. Ad free.
2. Refined and improved user interface.
3. 4 additional OBD dedicated screens.
4. Real time performance card.
5. Fuel trim card.
6. OBD summary card.
7. Voltage monitor card.
8. Max mass air flow over RPM card
9. RPM 3 level shift indicator.
10. OBD data analysis graphs.
11. Accumulated OBD data analysis .
12. Landscape mode support.
13. Sync OBD summaries.
14. Day and Night theme switching.
15. Improved odometer tracking.
16. More alerts.
17. Group service/maintenance items for a batch log creation

Car Pros - Car Management

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