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I. Contents

Essence Spanish Combined (Spanish-Korean - Korean-Spanish) Dictionary is a new Spanish-Korean dictionary that consists of 160,000 basic Spanish and Korean headwords, which are selected by the author who has made effort to publish a Spanish dictionary for 30 years. The authoe selected basic and important words and contained them as headwords. It is an essential dictionary for Korean people who study Spanish, the national language of 24 countries.

Spanish-Korean Dictionary contains idioms and examples that are hard to find in another dictionary, as the author used many literactures and dictionaries as well as newspapers and magazines for reference. The author also travelled Spain and other Spainish-speaking countries in central and south America for about 300 days in two trips, to acquire language skills and collect unique dialects.

To help learn live Spanish, in addition to headwords, it contains various vocabularies in each field, from rich examples and idioms, proverbs, new words, abbreviations, dialects, slangs, words of current affairs, words of commercial use, to prefixes and suffixes. And as it shows origins of many words, it will be very helpful for learning Spanish.

Korean-Spanish Dictionary is a dictionary for which the author put every effort to publish for 30 years. To create a live dictionary , the author travelled Spain and other Spanish-soeaking countries for 6 years to collect reference materials.

As there are quite different expressions in Korean and Spanish, there have been some difficulties to translate Korean to Spanish. This dictionary is expected to be helpful to ease these difficulties and to be used as a foundation for development of Spanish language in Korea.

It conatins Korean headwords as translated words, and many idioms, rich and practical examples as well. It contains words that are used every day in Spain, and other spanish-speaking countries in central and south America. In addition to important Korean headwords, various vocabularies including slangs, abbreviations, computer jargons and words of current affairs are included, too. So, this dictionary can be widely used by who studies Spanish such as students, immigrants, and trade professionals.

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