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Android Libraries & Demo 3.70 August 28, 2017 4.78

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Version 3.70 released on August 28, 2017

Version 3.68 released on August 12, 2017

Version 3.66 released on January 30, 2017
New libraries added:
- ENViews (Animations) by Est (
- TapTargetView (Utils) by Keepsafe (
- SpaceTabLayout (Tabs) by Razvan Lung (
- RapidInterpolator (Animations) by MartinRGB (

Version 3.65 released on December 06, 2016

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App Description

This application provides a collection of third party libraries, as a developer this application is essential for you.
You will have information about the author, captures, license, description, links of the library and you can try a working example within the application.
Recently it has added a tab with SNIPPETS that will be updated constantly.
In order to collect the largest possible number of libraries the version of the application is ICS.
Most applications are listed on github, others are from google code and bitbucket.

From this application we want to thank all the developers who publish their libraries for the benefit of others.

We hope that developers might find it useful.

Libraries included:
* "Done and Discard" by Roman Nurik
* "ActionBarSherlock" by Jake Wharton
* "ListViewAnimations" by nhaarman
* "FlipImageView" by Antoine Merle
* "PropertyAnimation" by wminiboy
* "ChartView" by nadavfima
* "QuickReturn Listview" by Lars Werkman
* "Scrolling Tricks" by Roman Nurik
* "IndexableListView" by Daniel Nam
* "DragSortListView" by Carl A. Bauer
* "CustomFastScrollView" by Nolan Lawson
* "RibbonMenu" by David Scott
* "ArcMenu" frombydaCapricorn
* "Radial Menu Widget" by Arindam Nath
* "MenuDrawer" by Gökhan Akkurt
* "SimpleSideDrawer" by adamrocker
* "Android-fb-like-slideout-navigation" by Alex Korovyansky
* "ActionsContentView" by Steven Rudenko
* "NewPopupMenu" frombyu1aryz
* "UndoBar" by Liao Kai
* "PopupDemo" by Nolan Lawson
* "Popup Custom" by unparallellogical
* "PopupwindowDemo" by MichaelYe
* "NewQuickAction" by Lorensius W. L. T
* "Android Custom Tabs" by Lawrence D'Oliveiro
* "Jazzy ViewPager" by Jeremy Feinstein
* "Android-flip" by OpenAphid-Engine
* "Android Lock Pattern" by Hai Bison
* "Swipe-To-Dismiss" by Roman Nurik
* "Android-Validator" by Benjamin Besse
* "Universal-Image-Loader" by Gökhan Akkurt
* "PinEntry" by webile-android
* "UrlImageViewHelper" by Koushik Dutta
* "ParallaxScrollView" by Christopher Jenkins
* "LazyList" by Fedor Vlasov
* "HoloCircularProgressBar" by passsy
* "TimesSquare" by Square
* "RoundedImage" by makeramen
* "IconicTextView" by Artur Termenji
* "AutoScaleTextView" by Andreas Krings
* "PinProgress" by Roman Nurik
* "Wheel widget" by Alessandro Crugnola
* "View Badger" by Jeff Gilfelt
* "PagerSlidingTabStrip" by Andreas Stütz
* "SlideMenu" by TangKe
* "Android-ProgressFragment" by Evgeny Shishkin
* "GlowPadView" by nadavfima
* "HoloColorPicker" by Lars Werkman
* "TabCarouselLib" by Andrew Neal
* "StickyListHeaders" by Emil Sjölander
* "AndroidSideMenu" by Dmitry Zaitsev
* "PhotoView" by Chris Banes
* "SlideExpandableListView" by Tjerk Wolterink
* "aFileChooser" by Paul Burke
* "PinnedSectionListView" by Sergej Shafarenka
* "PinnedHeaderListView" by mldeng
* "SugaredListAnimations" by cuub
* "JazzyListView" by Two Toasters
* "TwoWayGridView" by Jess Anders
* "AnyTextView" by Hans Petter Eide
* "Crouton" by Benjamin Weiss
- "RoboDemo" by stephanenicolas
- "PullToRefresh" by Chris Banes
- "Android Form EditText" by Andrea Baccega
- "Hansel and Gretel" by Jake Wharton
- "NumericPageIndicator" by Manuel Peinado
- "RichEditText" by Mark Murphy
- "RefreshActionItem" by Manuel Peinado
- "colorPicker" by biboune
- "HoloGraphLibrary" by Daniel Nadeau
- "MessageBar" by Simon Vig 
- "Square-ProgressBar" by Ted Halcyon
- "Showcase View" (Utils) by mhama.
- "Progress Wheel" by Todd Davies
- "colorPicker" by Daniel Nilsson
- "StyledDialogs for Android" by Inmite s.r.o.
- "FadingActionBar" by Manuel Peinado
- "PinterestListView" by oasis2008
- "PanesLibrary" by Mapsaurus
- "ATableView" by Diego Acosta
- "Satellite Menu" by Siyamed SINIR
- "GlassActionBar" (ActionBar) by Manuel Peinado
- "xButton" (Widgets) by WenDong
... and more

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