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Mix Names Mix Names for Unique Nicknames and check compatibility

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Dating Keywords Position

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Description keyword count and density

Check which keywords are repeated the most in your app’s long description.

Combine (or Mix or Join) your name with your loved one and generate unique nickname.

Using this App, you can generate couple names, company names, ship names, nicknames, pet names, kids names, child names.
This app will provide you an unique name which you definitely like to use.

Additional Features:

1. Check compatibility % percentage score between two names.

*How to use:

Name 1: Enter name 1 with minimum 3 letters and maximum 15 letters.
Name 2: Enter name 2 with minimum 3 letters and maximum 15 letters.

Press Mix Names button to get new unique names created from entered two names.
Select one from the list and make your new identity.

Press "Check Compatibility" button to know the compatibility % between entered two names. Compatibility score can be listen and names can be pronounced when you click on "Speak" button. Share with others to check their compatibility with you.

Have a lovely life.!!!

There is no logic behind calculation of compatibility score % and use of this app is just for fun.

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