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TVPlus - Mobile China TV live A Free mobile TV live APP which provides clear and stable Chinese channels

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TVPlus - Watch China TV Live is the new HD live services that gives you all of Chinese TV program—CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Shanghai TV, Zhejiang TV and other 900+ channels, every popular TV series in China, every sports games live in China, every popular TV shows in China—plus more of the latest 1080P movies than any other Chinese TV live app. All you need is the smart TV or smart phone with the Internet.

Latest news of TVPlus will be updated here!!!

Product Features:
• Instant Access to All of Chinese TV program
• Completely free, save a large of costs for digital TV
• More than 900+ Chinese HD programs , Synchronized with the TV station, covering the most majority of CCTV and satellite
• HD and 1080P sources for each TV program
• Stable TV live with copyrights, Absolutely no delay to Chinese TV live
•TVPlus - Watch China TV Live is available on Android devices , version for Android TV will come soon.

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Claim for copyright:According to the reasons of Copyrights,Hunan TV and CCTV5 are not available temporarily. We are sorry about this and we are trying to bring them back!

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TVPlus2.0 - HD Chinese TV Live is the best choice for you if you want to watch Chinese HD TV live

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