SToid  ( Atari ST emulator )

SToid ( Atari ST emulator ) SToid est la plus lisse ATARI ST 1040STF émulateur pour Androd. essayer et voir!

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    December 16, 2014

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  • SToid  ( Atari ST emulator ) screenshot
  • SToid  ( Atari ST emulator ) screenshot
  • SToid  ( Atari ST emulator ) screenshot
  • SToid  ( Atari ST emulator ) screenshot

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SToid is a Complete Atari 1040 STF emulator for any android device running on System 2.1 minimum.

SToid reproduce the behavior of an Atari ST , like sound processor, cpu speed , joystick,etc...

SToid contain many features like:

Support for many disk image format like .st, .msa, .stt or zip file containing one of those 3 formats.

- Full CPU Motorola 68000 processor emulation (trace and prefetch included)
- Complete AYG8910 sound processor emulation, and samples emulation
- Very high compatibility
- Auto fire
- Automatic Save and load
- Realtime savestate and loadstate
- Onscreen Pads
- Dynamic onscreen pad positionning and resizing
(very usefull to place and size PAD regarding differents screen size of all Android devices)
- Dynamic landscape screen positioning and resizing.
(Very usefull too like Pads...size and place the screen where you want)
- Color and Monochrome monitors emulation
- External Mouse support
- External BT/USB Gamepad support

It's recommended to get the Hacker's keyboard from Android market which will let you access to all keys like a true ST keyboard.

If you have any question, contact don't hesitate to contact us.
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