Fireworks London Eye LWP HD

Fireworks London Eye LWP HD Wonderful London eye live wallpaper, day-night cycle, customizable fireworks

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  • Fireworks London Eye LWP HD screenshot
  • Fireworks London Eye LWP HD screenshot
  • Fireworks London Eye LWP HD screenshot
  • Fireworks London Eye LWP HD screenshot

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This application is a live wallpaper that requires an android Eclair 2.1 operating system or greater to be used on your smartphone
The wallpaper consists of a single image that allows you to admire the London Eye both day and night with some special effects. It consumes little battery.
This high quality live wallpaper was realized for the upcoming Olympics of London, so the London Eye has been chosen as the symbol

Some Features:
The image has some animations that make the wallpaper very nice at sight
The main animation consist of the London Eye’s continuous rotation on the screen of the smartphone and the daytime affects on London Eye’s image gradient changing it between day and night
During the daytime we can also see some clouds generated randomly in the sky, while during the night we can see the London Eye lit and also some fireworks in the sky.

Some options:
- Rotation direction of the London Eye
- Rotation speed of the London Eye
- Randomly generate clouds
- Randomly generated clouds’ amount
- Day Night cycle

And Much More!!!

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