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Soul Slayer Soul Slayer is a history of the first integration of real-time combat QTE game

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"Soul Slayer" is a history of the first integration of real-time combat QTE game play. a card class action mobile RPG, one of the most beautiful that evokes your childhood memories from 90 of in the making. with the most highly reductive story! Whether it is a familiar Soul Society, or a familiar virtual battlegrounds. dominate the world using the most delicate card style! from the Mighty handsome Kurosaki Ichigo! or with the simple lovely Orihime Inoue! In the game have been perfect to restore the show! The most innovative card games are played! Micromanagement hands, fingers big move! To develop the most diverse card battle! with Exclusive special rune system, various growth path of your card! Come and become agents of death!

★Delicate card style★
Each card in game and all hand surgeon master of arts from the S-Class, are fully taken into account, the role itself has a subtle character set, with ultra-high definition (1080p quality), each card has its own special characteristics, and every collection can make you surprised!

★Most in card game played★
Exclusive first instant game QTE battle mode, card move is completely controlled by the player himself/herself. under immunity, when the blood increases, and the control, all is up to you! Different order of skills changes the result of battle. David and Goliath, even the small can win, filled with swift and different Strategies!

★Multi Card develop systems★
Develop a system from your exclusive first Rune, Rune bonuses! even carry more objectives! Reintegration of equipments, skills, runes, create from small partners with five paths to create the strongest king! With a unique vision, you can develop a completely different cards, the highest honor, the highest your achievements are! there is no useless card until you explore its full potential!

★Super Multi combination to choose from★
Hundreds of varieties of cards! Nearly a thousand mix of skills! Up to a thousand card combination! Players can create his 'her lineup according to the characteristics of the opponents, create to configure a lineup to beat each other. No the lineup, only better ones. Maybe you can find a new super combination at first, but also be aware of others that comes from behind!

★Fighting gorgeous eye-catching special effects★
See the bets fighting effects! Each card skill effects are exclusively customed, to see the ability of the card skills. The most magnificent battle screen, the most magnificent special effects, from the familiar crescent Uranus, and the two days shield, the Lei Wang Quan, the devil left arm, light rain, five nirvana all are absolutely in gorgeous special effects. the same as spike the market. Card Battle screen. player controls, more esoteric skills, Needless to say, each skill are second to none. makes you relish in the course of battle.

★Numerous benefits for you to build★
Inside the game, all the players can get a huge reward, as long as you can get to! On behalf of the game card products order peak. you can get red card Orihime Inoue, Yes, you read it right, you can get it! The game also includes a card for the players to prepare experience, game gold, Rune experience, experience and other treasures, including welfare rewards every day, free copies of any benefits you sweep! Exciting activities, Madden Gifts, ten blade broken surface, the top commander God card Yamamoto, commander of the imaginary circle Sōsuke Aizen, classic characters is waiting for you to come and collect! Open services activities, achievements, daily rewards, VIP welfare, online rewards, incentives and other active systems, to create a relaxed gaming environment, so as Cock wire can become God of War!

★how to contact to us★
Our facebook fan page:

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