J4T Multitrack Recorder

J4T Multitrack Recorder Record, edit, and mix audio on 4 tracks. Simple and effective.

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  • J4T Multitrack Recorder screenshot
  • J4T Multitrack Recorder screenshot
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The J4T (Jaytronix 4-Tracker) is a compact recording studio, designed to easily capture your song ideas, demos and sound-sketches. A ideal tool for songwriters, rappers, and other creative musicians!

The interface is inspired by the original 4-track recorders, enhanced with options for basic audio editing, loading music from your music collection, and exporting your audiomix to a regular file that you can share and use with other apps.

Recording is pretty simple:

- Swipe left and open a session (a session = a project with 4 tracks)
- Press Track-1 'REC' and start recording.


- Press Track-1/Import and load a beat, rhythm, or bassline from your music collection
- Plug in headphones
- Press Track-2 'REC' and sing, rap, or play over the beat of Track 1 sounding in the headphones.

Want to use your audiomix with other apps? Share it with friends, or with co-creators?
Just use the 'Create WAV/MP3' option to save the mix to a regular audio file.

See Info and FAQ in the app for more details, and you can always send an email if you have questions.

Please note:

* J4T files are saved on the phone, NOT in the cloud. So if you move to a new phone, first make a backup of the J4T folder, and transfer it to the new phone.

* When recording, you can hear the other tracks through the headphones, but live/input monitoring is not yet supported.

* Support for USB devices (external mic, audio interface) depends on your phone. Sometimes it's a matter of finding the right settings, and sometimes it just doesn't work - in that case send an email to find a solution.

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