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Ancient altar,

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Android Games - Strategy 2.3 March 02, 2017 4.33

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Version 2.3 released on March 02, 2017
Supported languages:

Version 2.2:
-Small bugfix
-Yet another single player mode

Version 2.1:
-New single player mode called minefield

Version 2.0:
-Variation of single player mode (perk)

Version 1.9:
-Yet another single player mode

Version 1.8:
-New single player mode

Version 1.7:
-You're getting rewards for watching ads (Connection to Google play required).

Version 2.2 released on February 04, 2017

Version 2.1 released on January 10, 2017

Version 2.0 released on December 28, 2016

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App Description

Get ready to spend limitless hours fighting and exploring lands of several realms while you build a magnificent army to fight against the royal troops willing to take your lands and expel all the citizens living on them. Defend your people, command and guide your soldiers to the most epic clash battle of ancient times. If you´re looking for an RPG that brings back your best memories playing with Link and that takes the most desirable features in all great strategy games, this is your lucky day! We´re proud to bring you the new version of an immortal legacy, which contains a fabulous history, wars between clans, magic, different races fighting together to battle the evil king & take the city. Capture enemy soldiers; steal their magic spells or skills in the sword to make your character stronger. History repeats over and over; each order has its own ideology, gods, and beliefs and they´re in a constant struggle to prove them right; eliminate the opposition and impose their policies. Get ready to destroy anything that means a threat for your domains!

👑🏰👑 Become the Hero in this History of Dominance War! Download World Thrones Eternal War Available Now for FREE on Google Play Store! 👑🏰👑

Feel the power of a furious army, play your role as leader and return peace to your lands. Explore distant realms, learn & gain experience to increase your skills on the arts of sword, spells, archery, spears and body combat. As your XP points increase, you can upgrade your skill with specific weapons, armor, shield, item carry and stealth. Earn medals and unlock achievements as you explore the whole territory. Enemies will try to make secret infiltrations into your soldier lines, be aware of any possible betrayal. Increase your military career winning battles and using historical strategies to prove your commander natural born skills. Trade, buy and sell from merchants, find the right materials to improve your sword or shield. Some lands are well known for their natural resources; make sure to collect all the exotic metals to build incredible add-ons to your weapons. Gossips of people in the markets and spreading rumors could lead you to legit information, learn to follow the right tracks and plan the perfect surprise assault!

⚔🐉⚔ Build Traps and Protective Barricades in your Territory! Never Leave Alone your Lands While you’re Out Fighting. Look for Alliances & Conquer the Kingdom with World Thrones Eternal War for Free!!! ⚔🐉⚔

The gameplay is easy; as you conquer new lands, you can appropriate spells and learn combat tricks to knock your enemies. The goal is to defeat other oppressor dragon vale clans using all kind of techniques to win the battles, build, and mine. On this strategy game; you´ll always face challenges to your military strategies. The controls can be handled with one hand, as it´s a one-touch dynamic. We added a multiplayer online feature for you to build your own battle community and share with your friends and family your adventures and won wars. Destroy the towers and fortress of other players worldwide to increase your online ranking.

🗡♛🗡Don't Wait for Any Longer, Unleash your Army into a Face to Face Old Style Warfare Battles! Download NOW for FREE World Thrones Eternal War Limited Time Only!!! 🗡♛🗡

Features of the Game:
➳ Enjoyable Graphics
➳ Multiple Worlds, Arenas, and Scenarios to Discover
➳ Several Battle Decks to Control your Armies
➳ Earn Crowns & Trade them for Battle Tactics
➳ Catchy & Environmental Soundtrack

🌟 Enjoy the New #1 Strategy RPG Game for FREE!! Download World Thrones Eternal War NOW!! 🌟

App Screenshots

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