Psychiatrist the Game

Psychiatrist the Game Become the Psychiatrist and ask questions to diagnose your crazy friends!

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    August 29, 2017

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  • Psychiatrist the Game screenshot
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Psychiatrist the Game is a fun, innovative spin on charades! The Psychiatrist leaves the room while all of his or her patients (other players in the game) choose a symptom from the main menu. When the Psychiatrist returns, they must ask questions to the patients, who answer according to their symptom. The Psychiatrist must then diagnose the patients by guessing what the symptom is!

- Play with 1 or 50 friends with 7 different game modes
- Over 600 unique symptoms to choose from
- 4 specific categories, including Words, Personalities, Situations & Actions
- A family friendly experience perfect for all ages
- Add symptoms to your "Favorites" list to quickly find & access them later on
- Create your own symptoms from your "Favorites" list, or suggest symptoms for a future update

Categories Include:
- Words: Like listing breakfast foods, rhyming, or referencing sports
- Personalities: Such as thinking you are Darth Vader, Oprah or Rocky
- Situations: Like being pregnant or hunting for buried treasure
- Actions: Like clapping, dancing, or switching seats

Release your inner crazy!

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