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Luxe is an on-demand valet parking service that lets you request a valet to park your car for you, wherever you go.

Parking meters, permit parking, and awkward commuter transit are a thing of the past with Luxe. Valet park your car in a secure lot or parking garage anywhere you go. Just let us know where you’ll be, and a Luxe Valet will find parking so you don’t have to worry! We’ll even visit the car wash, take your car in for an oil change, or refuel your car for an additional fee.

Created by a team of former Google, Tesla, Zynga and Yahoo! leaders, Luxe is the fast and easy way to find the best parking spots on those long days or fun-filled nights. Never circle the block again!

Luxe Features:

• Before you start driving, enter your destination in the Luxe app.
• A Luxe Valet will meet you at your destination as you arrive and collect your car from you.
• The Valet will park your car in one of our secure locations.
• Our Valets will even fill your gas tank or get your car washed.
• Once you’re ready to go, we return your car back to you, wherever you are!

* Car wash, re-fuel, and oil change are just some of the other services that we offer, at your request.

* Luxe Valets are trained and vetted through comprehensive background checks.
* Valet parking keeps your car safe in a covered parking garage or private lot.
* Our $5M insurance policy protects you, your friends, and your vehicle.

* Forget parking meters and crowded lots. Let Luxe find parking anywhere you need to be.

* San Francisco
* New York
* Chicago

*NEW* Luxe Garages are now available in SF and Chicago. Experience a lower-priced, guaranteed way to park with Luxe!


"My favorite service is Luxe. A marvel of the logistics only possible in a smartphone world, Luxe uses GPS to offer a personal parking valet. It’s magical."
- The Wall Street Journal

"Every few years, I come across a new tech service that completely upends how I navigate urban life...a new company that has instantly solved one of the most soul-destroying hardships of living or working in San Francisco: parking. The company is called Luxe Valet."
- New York Times

Stop circling the block. Download today and start parking with Luxe!

Where do you want Luxe to go next? We're always looking for new cities to expand to and if this sounds like something you need in your city, we'd love to hear from you!

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