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"Where do you want to go tonight ? – No idea !"…a conversation that has become as famous as its remote cousin "What do you want to eat ? – I don't know, what are you in the mood for ?". In the end, we end up in the same good old pub or in a not so much appealing bar with a pint of lager for the small fee of 14€… that you can only pay in cash because you can't pay under 20€ with your credit card !

But, what if we told you that all of your city's coolest places and deals were gathered in one and only app ? And what if forgetting your wallet wasn't an issue anymore ?

Ho ho ho...

Barnaby enables you to find the neatest spots to have a drink (or a coffee, we also do those) ! Discover new trendy establishments that match your cravings and moods thanks to customized filters, instant geolocation and an out of this world selection. Feeling good isn't it ?

And it's not over !

Paying in cash is so old fashioned #weloveyougrandma. We'd rather get a Barnaby Black Card. You might wonder what that is ? Well, it's a virtual card created thanks to your credit card to pay for your drinks and even those of your friends if you're feeling generous. In short, an in-app payment that is simple, convenient and efficient. We're just making your life easier !

You can also enjoy daily deals accessible directly from your app : all you can eat brunch for 20€, Pink Latte for 4€ or even a pint of craft beer for only 5€. Everything you ever dreamed of (almost) !

Currently available in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Brussels, we are opening new destinations ! #staytuned

Penny for your thoughts ? Send us your love letters (we do accept other kind of letters) at

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