Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA)

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Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA)

Magium Games,

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Android Games - Role playing 1.51 December 31, 2017 4.88

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Version 1.51 released on December 31, 2017
Fixed a bug that made it impossible for people to finish chapter 9 of book 2 if they passed the ancient languages check in chapter 8 of book 1, and they refused to take the puzzle piece.

For those who missed the Christmas update, chapter 9 of book 2 has been available for a week.

Version 1.44 released on September 17, 2017
Fixed a bug where the game displayed a blank page in chapter 4 of book 2, right before you killed the marauder, on certain very rare devices.

Also, for those who missed last week's update, chapter 7 of book 2 is currently available.

Version 1.42 released on July 26, 2017
Added a button in the Main Menu which sends you to the e-book version of the game on Amazon. The e-book covers one path of the story, and doesn't have choices, but it also has info from other paths. The advantage is that you can turn back pages and change font sizes in this version. You will be able to get the e-book for free on 30 July, 6 August, 20 August, 10 September and 1 October.

Also, for those who missed the last updates, Chapter 6 of book 2 has been available since mid-July.

Version 1.40 released on July 14, 2017

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App Description

The ninth chapter of the 2nd book is now available. The 2nd book can be accessed at the ending of book 1.

Disclaimer: The game is only available in English.

Magium is a text adventure game similar to old Choose your own adventure books (CYOA), in which you play as an ordinary guy named Barry, who joins a deadly mage tournament against the most powerful mages in the world in the hopes of using the prize to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a mage himself.

As in all interactive novels, your choices will affect the story, and making wrong choices can even lead to your death. Besides the traditional choice making of regular Choose your own adventure games, Magium also has stats that you can upgrade with points that you will receive occasionally, throughout the game. These stats will be checked by the game from time to time, to see if they are high enough to allow you to perform certain actions. For example, if your ancient languages stat is high enough, you can understand what animals and monsters are saying.

The story of Magium starts at the beginning of the tournament, right after you and all the other participants were transported to the continent where the contest was taking place.

As the story progresses, you will meet with other participants, you will make friends and enemies, and you will find out more about the continent you are on, and its inhabitants. You will find out that a person called "The Creator" had established several utopias in this place, six hundred years ago, where animals and humans lived in harmony, and food was created through magic. What you will get to see, however, is the downfall of these utopias, some of them being on the brink of destruction. Your choices will influence what happens in these cities, and you can even choose to save them if you so desire.

The game will be divided into several books, each of them consisting of more than a hundred thousand words.

The first book is now available in its entirety, and it can be played for free, with ads. It is approximately 178k words long, which translates to about 700 book pages. This number also takes into account the story's branching paths. The length of a playthrough on average should be about 90k words, so about 350 book pages.

The second book has not yet been written in its entirety, but the first eight chapters are now available, while the others will be uploaded one by one, as they are written. Unlike the first book, the second one will need to be unlocked before it can be played. In order to unlock the second book, you will either need to complete 25 of the 35 available achievements, or pay to remove the ads for the first book.

If you want to be notified about the game's updates, you can follow Magium Games on twitter by following this link: or if you prefer to use Facebook for your updates, you can also follow the game's Facebook page at this link:

Credits for the game icon go to Agnes Landgraf.

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Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA) Screenshot} Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA) Screenshot} Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA) Screenshot} Magium - Text adventure RPG (CYOA) Screenshot}

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