Book The Ra Deluxe slot

Book The Ra Deluxe slot In search of treasure

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  • Book The Ra Deluxe slot screenshot
  • Book The Ra Deluxe slot screenshot
  • Book The Ra Deluxe slot screenshot

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Before you one of the most popular slots for all time of their existence. It is created on the basis of ancient Egyptian scriptures and keeps the unsolved secrets of the pharaohs. He is able to enrich, give knowledge and wisdom, but only lucky players will be able to unravel the centuries-old secret. Many tried to approach the solution of the problem rationally, trying to calculate the pattern, only all attempts ended exactly at the same place where they started. The gaming machine has already passed people to the secret storehouses, but these individuals were able to win favor with their own luck, which deftly traveled through all the obstacles and obstacles that had been prepared. Everyone can solve the secret, it is enough only to strongly want and completely trust your own intuition!

The game uses 10 different characters, which are marked on 5 reels. Bets are made on 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 lines. There is a prize game, the prize is 10 free spins. During the bonus game, special symbols appear, which significantly increase the probability of winning. Any win can be doubled by playing a risk game. It is necessary to guess the color of the closed card.

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