Gumballs & Dungeons(G&D)

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Gumballs & Dungeons(G&D)

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Android Games - Strategy 0.37.170815.03-1.8.1 August 16, 2017 4.74

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Version 0.37.170815.03-1.8.1 released on August 16, 2017
>>What's New
1.Unlocked Gumballs Trial: Gladiator,Odin,Bounty Hunter,Creator,Alchemist,King,Musashi,Death Knight
2.Unlocked new maze: Hell Frontier.
3.Added Demon title
4.Added new Airships: Arcane Snail,Traveler,Hovering,Overlord,UFO,Void Stingray,Cube
5.Added the function of Enhance Alchemy Workshop
6.Added a Relics Excavation
7.Unlocked new Gumballs of Mercenary Camp: Three-eye King,Nalakuvara,Heavenly King,Gumiho
8.Added new event maze:Mysterious Peanut Town

Version 0.36.170706.03-1.7.1 released on July 07, 2017
>>What's New
1.Added the Alliance Dissolution Function
2.Added Time-limited Quest Event
3.Added Alliance Mission System
4.Added New Gumballs: Orc, Paparazzi, Gang Cadre
5.Added New Gumball's Trial: Nelson, Witch
6.Added Burning Bonfire in Hero's Village
7.Added hidden events when Peter was selected in Adventurer's Forest
8.Added some new Combo Skills
9.Added some new Chain of Fate

1.Improved the performance of the game
2.Fixed some known bugs

Version 0.35.170608.08-1.6.1 released on June 08, 2017
>>What's New
1.Unlocked Alliance Bounty Function
2.New Maze - Spacecraft Ruins & City of Death
3.New Gumballs: Trainer, Puppeteer, Goblin, Ripper, DJ, Geisha, Pandora, Chef
4.Unlocked Alliance Gift Package & Ranking & Authority management function
5.New Sky Events: Imprisoned Fairy, Lava Altar,...
6.Added Easter Egg: Awakening of Panda, Athena, Spartan, Sunflower
7.Added the following Gumballs' Trail
Swordsman, Athena, Priest, Magic Golem, Minstrel, Panda, Terminator, Claw

Version 0.34.170422.03-1.5.1 released on April 22, 2017
>>What's New
1.Unlocked Rank 6 Airship Function
Can exchange Airship Blueprints in the Alliance Shop which above Lv.10

2.Added Gumball's Statue Function

3.Added Sky Title System

4.Players can contact each other by Mail

5.Added 4 new Gumballs - Alien, Cupid, Merman, Frost Queen, can get them from Mercenary Camp

1.Improved the performance of the game

2.Fixed some known bugs

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App Description

Brand new Adventure & RPG game of 2017. FREE to Play Now! (Game for free)

This is a mysterious adventure. How long can you survive during the unknown journey? Enter the Gumballs & Dungeons!Start off a great adventure with world wide players,lead your Swordsman,Demon Hunter,Mage and Death Knight to beat the Evil Dominator of the Erathia continent.

● Explore the Gumballs & Dungeons with world wide players,challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements
● Experience more than 12 different game maps and hidden stages, including Magic Forest, Sage's Tower, Dracula's Castle, Skeleton Island ...
● Build and upgrade your GUMBALL Fleet,go to the celestial city, challenge world wide players and win resources to upgrade your fleet.
● Collect powerful new gumballs and upgrade existing ones,including Mage, Swordsman, Odin, Vampire,Zombie ...
● Upgrade your Alchemist Workshop which can produce coins and resources constantly
● You can also read many wonderful stories that have more than 100,000 words in the game

Are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Guide.

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