Samosa Recipe Videos 2018

Samosa Recipe Videos 2018 Ramadan special samosa recipe HD videos

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  • Samosa Recipe Videos 2018 screenshot
  • Samosa Recipe Videos 2018 screenshot
  • Samosa Recipe Videos 2018 screenshot

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Ramadan is the month where greatest spiritual rewards i.e. Sawab is granted by Allah Ta'alah to his mankind. This is the reason why this month holds great significance in a Muslim’s life. Fasting for Muslims during Ramadan typically includes the increased offering of Prayers (Salat), Recitation of the Quran (Tilawat) and an increase of doing good deeds and charity. Muslims eat healthy and heavy snacks which are prepared at the time of Sehri i.e. before sunrise and then break their fast at the time of Iftar i.e. after the sunset. Dates are usually the first food the Muslims break their fast with.

Samoosa, samosa, or sambusa is a baked or fried dish with food filling. Sometime it filled with mince, sometime filled with potatoes, sometime with vegetables etc. Its a common recipe mostly used in Pakistan and India just like snacks. Samosas can be made in low budget plus these very easy to fry in quick time.

In the holy month of Ramadan (Ramzan), people all around the world prepare samosa for IFTARI time. Pakistan and India are the main regions, where this dish is very popular. Asian from round the globe love samosas. It is traditional, tasty, delicious and very low budgeted dish.

Samosas Video Recipes is an amazing application which shows tutorials on how to prepare a variety of delicious and tempting samosas for Iftar.

Muslims love fried rather deep fried edibles. They are fond of eating samosas in Iftar. The Samosas Video Recipe will teach its users a gazillion ways of making samosas which includes Chicken Samosa, Potato Samosas and Vegetable Samosas. A mixture of vegetables and chicken stuffed in samosa is popular and most eaten by Muslims.


1. Chicken Samosa Recipe
2. Beef Samosa Recipe
3. Potato Samosa Recipe
4. Gobhi Samosa Recipe
5. Mince Samosa / Qeema Samosa Recipe
6- Vegetable Samosa Recipe

Numerous links regarding the preparation of some delicious samosas are given in the application which will help users enjoy Iftar meals on a bigger and better level.

Not only will it teach its users on how to prepare the stuffing for the samosa but it will also tell them how to prepare the samosa sheets at home. Moreover, it also got videos on how to fold the samosa sheet in order to make the perfect shape of samosas.

DOWNLOAD and INSTALL our HD quality videos for samosa recipes. If you want to suggest anything, email us at

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