Voice balloon photo

Voice balloon photo Add dialogues to photos to keep your memories alive!

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  • Voice balloon photo screenshot

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Voice Balloon Photos uses voice recognition so you can save photos with speech balloons.
This application also lets you edit text and change the theme of the speech balloons so you can recreate the atmosphere at the time of shooting and relive good times captured in your photos.

How to use Voice Balloon Photos
1. Start Camera and select Voice Balloon Photos.
2. Let the device recognize voices around you. Once voices are recognized, speech balloon will appear.
3. Tap the camera key to take photos with displayed speech balloons at your desired timing.
4. Once a photo is taken, you can move the speech balloons or change the theme. Tap on a speech balloon to remove it or edit its text.
5. Tap the save button.

We have published the balloon photo(beta) in order to test new features before potentially adding them to the Voice balloon photo application.
New features in the balloon photo(beta) may or may not be added to the Voice balloon photo application at a later stage.

*Onscreen instructions and menus are available in English and Japanese.
*This application uses Google Analytics to collect and aggregate usage statistics in order to help us improve the application and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you.

PS: Please note that “Voice balloon photo” will not support Android™ M. The application will be closed down soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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