Trackidz Parental Controls

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Trackidz Parental Controls

Cresoltech LLC,

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Android Parenting 1.97 December 17, 2017 3.92

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Version 1.97 released on December 17, 2017
Bug fixes

Version 1.96 released on June 03, 2017
Trackidz is still free.
Some other UI imporvements

Version 1.95 released on May 25, 2017

Version 1.94 released on May 15, 2017

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App Description

Trackidz offers a wide range of Screen Time control & monitoring features for parents of our Little Geniuses. It also offers ground breaking personal safety features for pre-teens and teens.

*** Covered by Common Sense Media

Trackidz is a set of 2 Apps. Trackidz Parental Controls is installed on the Parent's device and Trackidz Child is installed on the Child's device.

Trackidz Child can be downloaded from here:
If you want to reach out to us please contact us at

Screen Time Control
--> Are your kids spending too much time on their phones or tablets?
--> Are your kids addicted to a few games or apps and you want to control the usage of those specific apps?
--> Are your kids using their phones or tablets past bed time or during Dinner time?
--> Are your kids using some inappropriate apps and you want to block them?
--> Do you wish to reward your kids for good behavior with some Bonus screen time?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then Trackidz has the answer for you. With features like Max Time, Daily Apps Time, Lock Apps, Lock Schedule, Bonus Time and Timeout, it takes care of all your woes to control your child’s screen time.

--> Do you want to keep track of what they are doing on their devices from the comfort of your own device?
--> Do you want to monitor all the web pages that your child visited on Chrome this week?
--> Do you want to monitor all new apps downloaded?
--> Are you concerned about your child’s friends and want to monitor his/her contacts?

The “Monitor” menu in Trackidz takes care of all the above questions and then more.

Safe Browsing
--> Are you concerned and want to control what your child browses?
The Parent's Preferred Browser feature allows parents to assign one browser of their choice as their preferred browser and Trackidz then blocks all other browsers. So you can download any free or paid safe browser and assign it as Parent's preferred browser in Trackidz.

Are you worried about the whereabouts and safety of your teen or pre-teen?
The Location and Geo Fence feature helps you keep track of your child's location.

Every pre-teen or teen is a potential target for cyber bullies. With Cyber Bullying on the rise, how will you know if it happens to your child?
Trackidz's ground breaking feature on cyber bullying uses your child's weekly data to detect if he/she is being cyber-bullied. More info on

The "Emergency Message” feature is aimed at helping parents deal with any situation if your child is in some Emergency.
If your child is in an Emergency situation, a few taps on the power button will send an Alert Message to parents. Parents can tap on the message to see the location from where the message was sent. The child does not even need to take the phone out from his/her pocket to trigger the Emergency Alert Message.

Similarly the "Phone-Off Alert" feature sends an Alert message to parents if the child's phone is powered off. Parents can tap on the message to see the location from where the message was sent.

Please follow the below steps to signup

1. Open 'Trackidz Child' App on your child's device and click on "New User"

2. Sign up from the next screen by providing your Child's name, your email Id and a new Password. That's it. There is nothing more to be done in Trackidz Child App after the sign-up.

3. Open Trackidz Parental Controls on your device and proceed to the log-in screen by answering Yes to the first two questions. Log-in using the same email ID and password used during sign-up.

4. You should now see "My Kids" screen with your child's name on it. You can click on your child's name to proceed to the Main menu and start using Trackidz.




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Trackidz Parental Controls Screenshot} Trackidz Parental Controls Screenshot} Trackidz Parental Controls Screenshot} Trackidz Parental Controls Screenshot}

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