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FRep Unlock Key Tired to wait network connection before next button? Try to trigger FRep!

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== This is Unlock License Key for FRep - Finger Replayer ==

Required base app: FRep - Finger Replayer

[Features will be Unlocked]
- Unlimited number of Record stock.
- Enables Tasker / Locale Plugins for Task: start replay / Event: receive replay finish.
- Enables Resolve record by the label for shortcut.
- Enables Export DB function in Manage Traces.
- Enables View Last Log and related functions in Edit Sequence.
- Enables Transparent Notification Icon in Playing / Staying (for Demonstration use).
- Take Screenshot control, Vibration notify control and Type Text control as keyboard typing in Edit Sequence.
- Enables Safety App Lock option.
- Selectable skin for console's theme.

- (Android 4~) Enables Screenshot Button option in Console Settings.
- (Android 4~) Enables Copy / Paste function in Edit Sequence.

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    • 6,82%
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    • 4,55%

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