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TAPUCATE - Teacher App TAPUCATE - Grades. Mobile. Easy. Gradebook, Teacher-App, Seating Plan and more!

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Grades. Mobile. Easy.

TAPUCATE is a professional app for teachers to help them manage all the information of their classes, students, grades, … Easily keep track of grades, exams, assignments, attendance,… of your students! TAPUCATE is intuitive to use and widely customizable! You quickly get comprehensive and clear information about the performance, progress and behavior of your students.

"TAPUCATE - Teacher App" is the best choice for SMARTPHONES with Android >= 4.0 and is also optimized for 10" devices, but most of the optimizations are also available on 7" devices.

Demo Version:
You can use the subscription version TAPUCATE Complete as the demo version of TAPUCATE. The subscription can be canceled without costs within the first 30 days.

New Android-Functions like the ActionBar or Hardware-Acceleration are supported on all devices (depending on the technical equipment of the device!).

>>> IMPORTANT: During the development of TAPUCATE we spend a lot of time to integrate security measures for protecting your data and the data of your students!
Please read our detailed explanation of „Data protection / Data security“ on our Website: http://www.apenschi.com/?page_id=1956

You can find detailed information on the many flexible features and also a comprehensive handbook on our website: http://www.apenschi.com/

Here are only briefly the main features:

... The database can be excanged between all TAPUCATE versions!

... Classes / courses, students with their pictures, with direct indication of the average grades for each subject and category
... Student records (eg absences) and class entries (eg, homework, lesson content)
... Reminders, checklists, notes, age/birthdays

... Grading categories / subcategories
... Grading schemes / Grading with decimal values
... Grouping, rounding behavior

... Serial inputs
... Seating plan (Extension-App "EP1")
... Data import of student data from the PC
... Data export for further processing on the PC
... Several PDF exports and PDF screenshots
... Use custom periods (eg half-year, quarter-year, semester, trimester, …)
... Change views using several "wipe" gestures
... Extensive help within AndroClass, and also on our website in a detailed Handbook

... Automatic and manual data backup and security backup (always fully encrypted and password protected!)
... Encryption of personal data inside the database
... Password protection for access to TAPUCATE
... Doesn't connect to the internet
... also no other automatic communication to the outside
... AndroClass requests as good as no permissions

We can't respond to comments or ratings published here. We can only provide support if you contact us directly. So, please, before writing angry comments please send us an eMail. Often problems are only a misunderstanding. Usually we reply within 24 hours! Thank you!

>>> Please note that TAPUCATE is made to run on Android-Devices!

We can't guarantee TAPUCATE to work on non-native Android devices like PCs on which an Android-System runs inside a virtual machine (e.g. App-Players)!

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