SnapLink SnapLink for Android is used to control Leviton Security and Automation systems.

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Along with great new features and an updated interface, please be aware there is a change to the account structure. Before performing the update you will need to know the controller IP address, port, encryption key and information for any manually added cameras. This information will need to be re-entered after the update.

Direct from the manufacturer and updated to reflect the award-winning OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen, Leviton’s Snap-Link Mobile for Android provides property managers and homeowners total comfort and control. View and adjust lighting levels/scenes, temperatures, security settings, surveillance video, audio, and more.

Leaving work early? Adjust the temperatures, lights, and audio to your liking. Extending your vacation? Cut off thermostats and water heaters. Can’t remember if you set the alarm this morning? Open the encrypted Snap-Link Mobile and confirm.

View Event Logs to see when your child came home or an employee left

View real-time IP video (Simple to add new cameras!)

View security system status, arm or disarm the alarm

Adjust climate settings including humidity control

Full Security including access control

Control all lights and additional energy loads


Please help us make our application better, use our online forum to post comments and suggestions directly to the developers @

If you are having a problem, please contact us directly, we have no way to contact customers having a problem if you post a review without contact information!

***Requires 3.2 (3.4 recommended) firmware in your Ethernet enabled controller, and port forwarding in your router. For questions, please visit our support forum, or call our technical support department***

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