Car Expenses (Manager)

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Car Expenses (Manager)


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Android Auto & Vehicles 26.10 June 17, 2018 4.65

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Version 26.10 released on June 17, 2018

Version 27.82 released on April 25, 2018

Version 27.50 released on February 07, 2018
+ Adding new fuel consumption units (KPG_USA / KPG_UK).
+ Adding the ability to duplicate some records.
* Improving sorting of events.
* Improving fuel charts.
x Correcting statistics on expenses (records were not included).
x Correcting of breaking of parts.
x Correcting the visibility of the progress of events.
x Correcting the list filter of records.
x Correcting the display of the shifted consumption.
x Correcting the counter in the event list.

Version 25.04 released on August 25, 2017

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App Description

• Calculation of expenses (7 categories and more than 60 templates)
• Planning service actions
• Calculation of fuel consumption
• All statistics not only in numbers but also in handy charts
• Calculator overrun / needed fuel / way cost
• Synchronization with clouds and between devices (using Dropbox API & Google Drive)
• Recording several vehicles
• Export / import data
• Select theme
• Wide settings units and interface elements
• Widgets to quickly add records
• No ads. Absolutely.

The better the other
• Calculation of fuel consumption is universal (to the full, the lamp low residue ...)
• Prediction of remaining fuel at the moment
• Create report on service activities (important for resale)

App Screenshots

Car Expenses (Manager) Screenshot} Car Expenses (Manager) Screenshot} Car Expenses (Manager) Screenshot} Car Expenses (Manager) Screenshot}

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