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Android Games - Simulation 3.7 August 18, 2017 3.14

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Version 3.7 released on August 18, 2017
Added rewarded videos- watch'em and get gems!

Version 3.6 released on August 02, 2017

Version 3.5 released on July 28, 2017

Version 3.2 released on March 14, 2017
- added French translation
- now able to click through the notification popup
- minor icon fixes
- added option to turn off sound and music separately
- not allowing to click through shooting ufo explosions
- warning sound plays not so often as before
- removed unused permissions

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App Description

Good day!

Welcome to Planet EVO! Your mission is to transform an unfriendly cold space rock into a civilized planet. You will have to tap it, warm it up, rotate it, hydrate it, build and plant, upgrade and defend it. Sounds like lots of work? is, so you better start right away!

The goal is to finish all of the 10 levels in record time. To achieve that you will need:

Stars are base value in this game, use them to buy new items and upgrades. Stars are produced by:
- right hand side elements - GENERATORS
- tapping Planet's Core and activating Volcano eruption (note that water level has to be OK)
- rotating the Planet many times in levels 2+

Stars production rate is the amount of stars produced by the Planet in one cycle. Increase it by using items on the left and right hand side of the Planet. Keep water level in tact to maximize production. Don't let the planet go into Ice Age Mode.

Very rare mineral which is needed for some of the updates and in game extras. You can earn them by performing some special tasks or simply buying them in the shop.

Purchase them and increase Planet's production rate. Update them with left hand side items to increase production rate even more.

They increase production rate of Generators or add special functionality (like Water Control Device).

Things that will keep stopping you from achieving record times:

Large space rocks just waiting to hit the Planet, cause damage and force it into Ice Age Mode. Tap them firmly to destroy.

Steals things which you bought. Destroy it before it will get close to the Planet and take one of your precious items.

Covers view with green goo. Use your finger like a wiper.

When in Ice Age Mode planet is unable to produce stars. Tap Planet's core firmly until temperature indicator disappears.

Water level is important to keep production of stars in tact, too low or to high will disable volcano generator, limit production and in edge cases stop it completely, it will also disable some updates and features. Tap clouds to increase Water level, to decrease it you will have to wait a bit, so don't overdose!

Following performed for the first time will give you 1 gem each:

share on Twitter or Facebook, breach Ice Age, use modifier, plant something, hydrate planet, destroy asteroid, destroy red UFO, destroy shooting UFO, discover Rotation Bonus
additionally: X10, X20, X30, X40 Rotation Bonus respectively 2, 3, 4, 5 gems each

NOTE: Please make sure you watch the preview video to get the idea of the game.


Hint for those who have problems with waves of asteroids or/and ufos: get finger modifiers and space cannons, hide menu when wave is approaching, the power is in your fingers!

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Planet EVO Screenshot} Planet EVO Screenshot} Planet EVO Screenshot} Planet EVO Screenshot}

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