Family Locator / GPS Tracker

Family Locator / GPS Tracker Track your family, friends and cars in real-time, communicate & share location

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  • Family Locator / GPS Tracker screenshot
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Main features
* Uses your phone as a GPS beacon for children, friends and relatives
* Shows the location of children's smartwatches: Q50, Q60, Q80, Q90, G36, W5, ZGPAX S22, PG22, GW100, GW100S, GW300, GW500S, GW600S, GW800, GW900S
* Shows the location of GPS trackers TK102B
* Shows the real time location (high battery consumption)
* Shows the location with the specified interval (low battery consumption)
* You can send your current position by SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc
* Sends emergency alerts showing the location
* Integration with the contacts in Facebook, Google+ and
* Free messaging face-to-face and in groups (Hubs)
* Support for Push notifications
* Connect any number of Android devices to your account
* Widgets for quick enable/disable geolocation in real time
* Location of all objects on the map is automatically updated

(PAID FEATURE) Now You can connect kids smart watches to this app. Currently supported models: Q50 / Q60 / Q90 / G36 / W5 and analogs (support all features like in the SeTracker, Guan Aixing, iWatch+ or AIBEILE apps).
Use the device activation wizard: in the main menu "My trackers" -> Add, follow the instructions.

The Asterium Family locator allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a GPS tracker.
Connect to your account all your Android devices and share their location with family and friends.

Just follow these steps:
1. Install on friends smartphones Asterium Family locator app
2. Choose "Enable tracker" in main menu (your location will be found within few minutes)
3. Add friends from Your social network in menu "Friends"

You can also share your location by sending a link to Google maps via SMS, email and other ways, You do not even need authorization.

To save battery life You can use the automated coordinates sending at a specified interval (from 1 minute to 24 hours, default is every hour).

The location update frequency is only 1 second and depends on the quality and coverage of the GSM network and the level of GPS / GLONASS signal. However, in the absence or small number of satellites in line-of-sight on your Android device, the telematics data accuracy and speed of geolocation can be significantly reduced.

To add friends you do not need to spend money on SMS and to enter fiddly secret codes: just log in via Facebook, Google+ or and your contacts will immediately be available for interaction. The app will identify which of your friends is already using the Asterium family finder, and who can be invited.

In order to share your location and to see where your children or friends - create a Hub and invite into it loved ones. You decide when to hide and to show your location to other members. Hub is a closed group, access to which is possible only at the invitation of its Creator.

You are free to send private messages with any users of Asterium family tracker. And for more convenience communicate in a common chat rooms, which available to all Hub members.

You will always be aware of everything that happens in the Asterium family locator and do not miss important events and messages with a notification system.

Install family GPS tracker Asterium on the car audio system (head unit based on Android) of your vehicle and it will always be under your supervision.

Use supplied widgets to quickly enable and disable tracking of your location (and therefore the visibility to your friends and loved ones) with one touch.

Use the app to monitor children, elderly parents, friends. To coordinate joint action when driving in motorcade, bike rides and other journeys - area of use the app is really endless!

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