Cool Math for Kids:123 in aRow

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Cool Math for Kids:123 in aRow


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Android Games - Board 1.1 April 21, 2016 4.61

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Version 1.1 released on April 21, 2016
New Levels and badges.
Find out if you are smarter than a Rock!!

Version 1.0 released on April 12, 2016

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App Description

2 Player mode (multiplayer)
★ multiplayer games enhance intellect and social skills
★ Duel of minds that sharpens mathematical perception
★ challenge your smartypants kid
★ the game develops diverse set of skills
★ doesn't depend on reaction time, it depends on intelligence, the smart kid will win not the fast reactor
★ play side by side, 2 hands, 1 phone/tablet

Kids in mind
★ hone your kids mental math skills
★ similar games found to boost brainpower in children aged 4-13. Along with strengthening math skills
★ establishes foundations like memory, concentration, creativity and problem solving skills that inspire greater confidence and success in all areas and in life
★ Develops the right brain tremendously
★ Leads to Intuitive thinking
★ Improves concentration and mental endurance

1 Player mode
★ unlock the IQ badges as you progress, you will start with the "Dumb as a rock" badge
★ in 1 player mode you will play against our super AI

How to Play?
★ 123 in a row is a 3x3 board game
★ similar to "tec tac toe" a.k.a "XO" or "jogo da velha" but smarter
★ connect the number 1 2 3 or 3 2 1 in a row and you will win
★ the game will continue after you played all your pieces, now you can move around any of your pieces on the board

special thank goes to Saja ;)

App Screenshots

Cool Math for Kids:123 in aRow Screenshot} Cool Math for Kids:123 in aRow Screenshot} Cool Math for Kids:123 in aRow Screenshot}

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