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Wing Fung Financial Group 永豐金融集團 永丰金融集团

“Wing Fung Financial Group” is a member of The Chinese Cold & Silver Exchange Society (Membership No.: 34) and recognized as “Bullion Group”, producing 99 and 9999 Wing Fung gold bar. As one of the Hong Kong Accredited Gold Refineries, Wing Fung has involved in physical precious metals business for more than 30 years which our transaction volume has ranked top 3 for successive years in the market. In recent years, Wing Fung is committed to develop into a professional and comprehensive financial institution, offering one-stop financial investment services including bullion, securities, futures and foreign exchange investment.

Wing Fung Bullion Investment Limited offers 24 hours unlimited precious metals margin trading services, including Loco London Gold (LLG), Loco London Silver (LLS), Hong Kong Gold (99 Gold), Platinum and Palladium.

The 24 hours leverage forex trading services provided by Wing Fung Forex Limited, allows u to capture opportunities from more than ten different global currencies contracts, and the spread is as low as 1 pip for selected currencies.

Wing Fung Bullion & Forex mobile app features various trading orders and enhanced analysis chart. Making your investment more flexible! Powerful features including:
1. Helps to pre-set orders, such as Buy Stop orders and Sell Stop orders at anytime.
2. Detailed 「Account Info」 shows Open Position, Pending Orders, etc, easy to switch around between your investment strategies
3.「Analysis Chart」added with sophisticated technical indicators, make it easier for multi-angles analysis

For existing Wing Fung clients, simply enter your login details. If you have further issue regarding to account opening, please contact our Customer Services Hotline:
- Bullion & Forex (+852) 2303 8690 or China Toll Free 400 120 1080

Wing Fung Financial Group 永豐金融集團 永丰金融集团




1. 預先設定開倉、止賺及止損平倉指令,讓您不分晝夜作出部署
2. 「工作列表」方便查閱下單指令,輕鬆配合多變的投資策略
3. 「走勢圖」設有詳盡及多元化技術指標,以多角度分析金、匯圖表走勢

- 金銀投資及外匯(+852) 2303 8690 或免費中國專線 400 120 1080

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