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Apple Weather 1.5.1 October 17, 2017 3.08

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Version 1.5.1 released on October 17, 2017

Version 1.5.0 released on August 16, 2017

Version 1.4.0 released on February 07, 2017
New in 1.4.0: Favorite Weather Stations: Similar to Favorite Airports, AOPA GO now allows users to specify a separate list of Favorite Weather Stations. This is a completely separate list from the Favorite Airports and makes viewing weather information easier in the list view. The airport tiles in the list will contain weather details rather than airport details in as in the Favorite Airports list. Favorite Airport Sync: Favorite airports are now sync’d with the online AOPA Airports Directory list of favorite airports. If you have favorite airports specified in the online AOPA Airports Directory, the same list will be set as favorite airports in AOPA GO. The reverse is also true: airports you set as a favorite in AOPA GO will be listed as a favorite airport in the online AOPA Airports Directory. Airports set as favorites will also now be retained if AOPA GO is uninstalled and reinstalled or, installed on a different device. Weather Module Changes: The Weather module of AOPA GO has had several enhancements to make using the section easier: Weather Graphic Carousel: The weather graphic that loads at the top is now a carousel with three different charts: Regional Radar, National Radar and National Satellite. Just swipe left or right to navigate the different graphics. Adverse Weather Condition Color-Coding: Adverse weather conditions will now have color-coded text based on the severity of the condition. Orange text will be used for conditions that a cautionary and Red text will be used for more severe conditions. Example: Any form of freezing precipitation will be color-coded in red text. This makes it easier to see adverse conditions in the METAR and TAF text sections. Pull to Refresh Weather: When viewing the Nearby List or Airport Weather details pages, pulling the page down from the top will refresh the weather with the latest information available. Reverse a Planned Route: AOPA GO now allows users to reverse a planned route in the Flight Planning module. This process will create a new route with the departure, destination and waypoints reversed. You can then specify departure date and time for the new route. The old route will still remain available in its original form and will not be overwritten by the new reversed route. Bug fixes.

Version 1.3.0 released on September 21, 2016
New in 1.3.0: US Terminal Procedure downloads: Download and view or print US Terminal Procedures. Document Library: Download and view or print useful aviation documents. Downloads Library: Manage all your AOPA GO downloads in a single place, including single touch update of all documents. Bug fixes.

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App Description

Available exclusively to AOPA members, AOPA GO delivers three essential flight planning tools—AOPA Airports directory, AOPA Flight Planner (powered by Jeppesen) and AOPA Weather—in the palm of your hand. AOPA GO is a convenient pre-flight planning tool, allowing pilots to search the industry’s most comprehensive airport directory; create, edit and file flight plans; and check a diverse gallery of aviation weather charts. Best of all, AOPA GO syncs all pilot information, aircraft profiles, flight plans, and user waypoints with the AOPA Internet Flight Planner. Whether you plan your flight at your desk or on the ramp, you’re covered with AOPA. AOPA Airports Directory Information AOPA GO uses your device’s location services to identify the nearest airports, heliports, and seaplane bases to you. You can see all the most critical information about each at first glance or drill down to more detailed information with a single tap of the screen. The app also allows you to search for an airport by name, ident, or location and save your favorites for quick access. All the information you need about an airport is readily available—from communications and operations to fuel providers and other services available on the field and nearby. AOPA Weather Charts AOPA GO AOPA Weather is designed to be a “best of breed” for aviation weather information by compiling the best sources available into one resource. With information and images from Jeppesen, Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), pilots get a complete picture of the weather that could affect their flight. Quickly review the METARs and TAFs closest to your location right on the main Weather screen, or choose from a gallery of national or regional weather chart images. AOPA Flight Planner, powered by Jeppesen No matter if you are creating a new flight plan from scratch, or pulling up a saved route to file for flight, AOPA GO has you covered. Built on the same powerful Jeppesen flight planning engine as the AOPA Internet Flight Planner, the app allows you create, edit, and file flight plans and get a weather briefing using CSRA DUATS. Users of the AOPA Internet Flight Planner can also include any of their saved user-defined waypoints in a flight plan.

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