ASTRONEST - The Beginning

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ASTRONEST - The Beginning


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Apple Games 2.9.2 November 01, 2017 4.06

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Version 2.9.2 released on November 01, 2017
1. New Unique Hero with Unique ability and S-Master Heroes added 2. Revampled Hero Recruitment System 3. New Hero Codex added 4. Seperated Hero and Tron Menu 5. UI revamp

Version 2.9.1 released on October 29, 2017
1. New Unique Hero with Unique ability and S-Master Heroes added 2. Revampled Hero Recruitment System 3. New Hero Codex added 4. Seperated Hero and Tron Menu 5. UI revamp

Version 2.9.0 released on October 25, 2017
1. New Unique Hero with Unique ability and S-Master Heroes added 2. Revampled Hero Recruitment Syste 3. New Hero Codex added 4. Seperated Hero and Tron Menu 5. UI revamp

Version 2.8.1 released on July 13, 2017
1. Fusion System By analyzing special modules leaked from extraterrestrial civilization, a new system fusing human technology could be built. These new fusion systems will bring a variety of effects to national operations. 2. 4 New Hyper Weapons - Disruption Beam: Disruption Beam resets the firing rate of the fleet hit by the beam. - Diminution Missile: Hyper Missile decreases the attack of the fleet hit by the missile for a fixed time. - Augument Fighter: Attack and accuracy continuously increase every time it is dispatched. - Shock-Wave Cannon: Shock-Wave Cannon decreases accuracy of the fleet hit by the cannon for a fixed time. 3. Other Features - Hyper Research Complete Now function added - Exter sorting function added

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App Description

The fate of humanity is in YOUR HANDS. Play the #1 Space Sc-iFi Strategy MMO on mobile! Colonize planets, build epic space fleets and battle players from around the world! 2525 AD. Man is an interplanetary species, fueled by the discovery of 3 powerful new elements: Raon, Nugen and Sectium. Collectively called the Cosments, these resources were shared between the two dominant hegemonies, the Alliance of Neos and the Federation of Terra. But an already strained peace explodes from the devastating arrival of a mysterious Alien fleet. Humanity’s confidence is shaken to its core, and war is now unleashed across the galaxies. As a powerful commander, both Neos and Terra call upon your aid. Colonize planets, recruit skilled heroes and develop warships to lead in battle against a multitude of enemy Commanders. Along the way, you will raid alien fleets to harvest their technology, discover TRONs and EXTERs, and form crucial alliances. A prequel to the browser-based classic, AstroNest (1999). The universe of AstroNest awaits. Which side will you choose? GAMEPLAY: ● EXPLORATION EVENTS: Play for free resources to upgrade your planets, heroes and spaceships ● CAMPAIGN: Destroy space pirates, collect resources and level up your nation ● PURSUIT: Capture space outlaws, bring them to justice and collect your bounty WORLD-WIDE MULTIPLAYER: ● MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER WARS: Work with your faction and engage in fierce inter-factional wars ● ASTRO LEAGUE: Weekly tournaments amongst experienced commanders ● ALIEN TECHNOLOGIES: Raid aliens and harvest their technology to empower your fleets ● ALLIANCES: Form alliances with users from around the world to gift capsules and aid in raids ● FRIENDLY SKIRMISHES: Battle allies to hone your skills, test new formations and get rewards DEVELOP: ● SPACESHIP STRATEGY: Create your own unique combination of strategic spaceship formations and weaponized intergalactic fleets ● COLONIZE NEW PLANETS: Discover and colonize new planets to mine for and develop more resources ● DEVELOP HEROES: Recruit, hire and train to develop the best heroes for each role ● ASSEMBLE TRONS: Customize Trons to boost your hero’s abilities ● HYPER RESEARCH: Get advanced alien technology to upgrade your fleet INTERNET DATA USE: ● AstroNest: The Beginning, requires a stable internet connection and is best played on Wi-Fi. After the initial install and updates, AstroNest: The Beginning needs to download additional game data, Wi-Fi is recommended. For suggestions and help, please contact us at: Like Us on Facebook for Updates, Livestreams and Free Prizes: Join Our Official Community of Strategy & SciFi Fans: Check Out Our Wikia for How-To’s & Strategy Guides: Visit Our Official Website: Subscribe to Our YouTube:

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ASTRONEST - The Beginning Screenshot ASTRONEST - The Beginning Screenshot ASTRONEST - The Beginning Screenshot ASTRONEST - The Beginning Screenshot

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