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Babylist Baby Registry

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App Description

Are you pregnant and fabulous? Babylist is the online baby registry that lets you add any item from any store. Join or Sign In with your Babylist account to add items from all your favorite stores, edit your registry, and see who gave you what in real time (or keep it a surprise). Because building your baby registry should be fun! Bumpin’ Features: - Browse and add items from any online store. Babylist works with ALL online retailers, including Babies R Us, Amazon, Etsy, Target and independent local shops. - Add meaningful gifts like home-cooked meals or babysitting. - Edit and update your baby registry on the go. - Find out which items were already purchased (if you dare) and show who gave what. - Send your baby registry to friends and family with the push of a button. “Check out the BEST BABY REGISTRY EVAH!” - Amy from P.S. Are you a gift-giver looking for a baby registry? Visit on the web!

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