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BEGA AR is pleased to help you assess our luminaires in your own private setting. In a virtual presentation you can place up to five different luminaires simultaneously in any positions you like: in the house, around the house or in the garden. You can then view them from all angles, switching them on and off and even taking photos of the various scenes. More details about each product are provided on the Internet.

To use the app you need BEGA AR marker print-outs. These can be downloaded from our website at Markers are available in sizes DIN A4 and A3. Use larger markers to assess the luminaires from greater distances.

• Assess BEGA products in real-time on your house wall and in the garden
• Examine our products from all sides and in various versions
• Switch the light of the luminaires on and off
• Save snap-shots of the scenes in your photo gallery
• Get more details about all products
• 3D markers in various sizes (DIN A4 and DIN A3)

BEGA AR needs an Internet access just once to download the contents. Then offline use is also possible. A tutorial will help you get to know the app when you start it for the first time.

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