Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved

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Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved

Dan Leveille,

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Apple Games 1.9 September 16, 2016 4.22

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Version 1.9 released on September 16, 2016
WHAT'S NEW: - Dododex is now available in German, French, Portuguese and Italian! More languages are coming soon. Contribute at - Dododex Stickers for iMessage! Express yourself using dinos! Now available in your iOS 10 iMessage keyboard! - List of items dropped by each creature - Scorched Earth map - Find out which creatures can be carried by the Wyvern (Suggested by… basically everyone) - Find out which creatures can damage adobe buildings - New shortcuts: Xbox patch notes, item spoilage times (Suggested by OhNoTheLag and Matt T) - Various minor design and font color uplifts (Suggested by Andrew R) - Max melee damage increased to 9999% (Suggested by Brandon A) OTHER MINOR UPDATES: - Fixed issue where hamburger menu button would sometimes have to be tapped twice - "Report data error" button now more accessible at the bottom of every creature's profile - "Knock Out" section disabled for Titanosaur and Rock Elemental since they cannot be KO'ed by traditional methods Dino images and more content from Scorched Earth will be coming once the Dev Kit is released! Thank you to the translators who provided! Will Oliveira, Daniel Bertocci, Arachmeus, Aimeric99, and Fabien Morel!

Version 1.8 released on July 29, 2016
- Brand new navigation system, making it easier to access all Dododex has to offer - Recipes and dyes (Suggested by 10PercentPaul and several others) - Tap to increment (or reset) stat calculator - Shortcuts to Patch Notes, popular Wiki articles, and other resources - Clickable creature icons on Kibble recipes (Suggested by “Just a Nickname”) Also: - Creatures are clickable in most places, including kibble flow charts and other charts (Suggested by Josh) - Maps now load faster, and interaction is smoother and more responsive! - Fixed several timer bugs and visual tweaks, including bug that would cause torpor timer to suddenly finish early (thanks for the reports!) - Breeding timeline is now collapsed, since it isn’t used as frequently Dododex is being translated to dozens of languages! Join the project: Dodo fact #10: The taste of dodo meat seems to have had received mixed reviews. An early traveler described it as "always skinny and very tough, whatever sauce you put them in."

Version 1.7 released on July 07, 2016
NOTE: Dododex Pro will be released in the coming hours. Stay tuned! :) - By popular demand, you can now go ad-free with Dododex Pro! - Gathering efficiency ratings of every creature using data contributed by 10,000+ Dododex users! - Find out which creatures can damage thatch, wood, stone, or metal. (Suggested by Keith L) - Find out which creatures can be trapped with a Bola, Chain Bola, Bear Trap, or Large Bear Trap! (Suggested by Shaun D) - New server setting: Player Damage Multiplier, for KO estimates (Suggested by Josh L) - New server setting: Player XP Multiplier, for “XP per kill” estimates (Suggested by Jghake) - Level picker can now be customized to only show levels in multiples. (Suggested by Bailey) Minor updates: - Fixed issue where switching between Violent and Non-Violent taming would cause strange errors. - Improved accuracy of “Chance of Death” calculations for KO estimates. Dodo Fact #9: Scientists have only rough estimates of the dodo's weight. A lot of the early paintings and descriptions showed the bird as very large because they were referencing captive, overfed birds, however, the modern estimates are around 13 to 23 kg. A 2016 study using CT scans of composite skeletons suggests that the dodo was even slimmer, estimating it at around 11-14 kg.

Version 1.7.1 released on July 08, 2016
Fixed bug where Dododex Pro was not enabled. You can now go ad-free using the "Dododex Pro" button at the bottom of the app. (NOTE: This may take a few hours to be activated in all countries.)

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App Description

Elevate your Ark: Survival Evolved game with the Dododex taming calculator and companion app used by over 600,000 Ark players. Dododex provides a comprehensive and frequently-updated guide for every creature in Ark: Survival Evolved, including taming calculations, kibble and saddle recipes, stats, timers, knock-out information for any weapon, as well as original tips and crowdsourced data from thousands of Ark players. FEATURES - Taming calculator and guide for every dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved (and Ark: Scorched Earth!) - Player tips on taming, battling, and utilizing every Ark creature. - Kibble recipes and flow chart - Saddle recipes - Knock-out details for each creature and weapon, including custom weapons - Stat calculator - List of dropped items and gathering efficiency ratings for every creature from 15,000+ Dododex users. - Breeding times and egg incubation temperatures - Starve timer for starve taming - Torpor timer - Recipes & dyes - Find out which creatures are carryable by flyers - Base creature stats and rankings - Taming multipliers for unofficial Ark: Survival Evolved servers - Map of The Island, The Center, and Scorched Earth - Access the official Ark: Survival Evolved Wiki directly from the app - PLUS: Dino stickers for iMessage! Details on new creatures are added as soon as information becomes available in Ark: Survival Evolved. "A must-have app for any Ark: Survival Evolved player — new or veteran." —Proof187, App Store Review "Best taming calculator out there" —Troy Richards, App Store Review Have a feature request? Share it here: Dododex is an unofficial Ark: Survival Evolved app.

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Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved Screenshot Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved Screenshot Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved Screenshot Dododex Taming Calculator for Ark Survival Evolved Screenshot

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