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EyeShopping is designed to allow you with a few simple steps to create, use and share your shopping lists easily with the ability to view only certain products while shopping.

You can create, duplicate, organize your lists into categories. Filter to display only those unused...

You can use and add products to the dictionary and share it with others by sending an e-mail...

The function to be used while shopping has been studied in detail to all the selections with one hand, with an auto lock function after a period of inactivity. You can add or modify a product without leaving the function.

We hope that you like this application and that you let us know (support@algorithmia.it) what else can we add to EyeShopping to make you more productive.

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Only with your opinions we may be able to be more visible in the Apple store. It's hard to compete with large companies that are investing a lot of money on advertising on the internet …

Send us an email (support@algorithmia.it) to report errors in translation, thank you !

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