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  • Fishing Tackle - Carp Fishing Screenshot
  • Fishing Tackle - Carp Fishing Screenshot
  • Fishing Tackle - Carp Fishing Screenshot

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We are now pleased to offer you the chance to buy Fishing Tackle, an important section of the internationally successful Carp Fishing by Clear Fishing, at a special price. Carp Fishing is currently being sold in 7 languages and 52 countries. Bonus sections: Tips & Tricks and Tackle Box.

Fishing Tackle contains information on virtually all the gear used in carping.

Hook anatomy and the main hook patterns with their corresponding characteristics, usage and major brands are presented: Curve Shank, Long Shank, Wide Gap, Choddy and Curve Long Shank.

Fishing Lines
Strengths and weaknesses, usage, major brands and price range for: Main Lines, Rig Lines, Braided Coated Lines, Soft Braids, Monofilaments, Fluorocarbons, Leadcores, Leader Lines and others.

Information and usage of: Grippa Leads, In-line Distance Leads, Pendant Distance.

Types of rods used in carp fishing, their main characteristics (action, power and length) explained, and advice on brands, price range and which type of rod you should choose

Reel components (hot spots with photo close-ups), characteristics, brands and price range.

Accessories used in carp rigging: Swivels and Rig Rings, Clips, Stick Needle and Bait Stoppers, PVA, Tungsten Putty, Rig Wallet etc.

Bivvies, Beds and Sleeping Bags:
How to choose your camping equipment, what brands are on the market and the price range of this equipment.

Bonus section 1: Tips & Tricks which can transform an ordinary fishing session into a memorable experience.

Bonus section 2: Tackle Box presents an optimized way of organizing your fishing gear.

You can download other sections of Carp Fishing as and when you need them, clicking on the relevant icons.

Carp Fishing by Clear Fishing was developed in Europe by an international team of competition carpers, angling journalists and software developers. For more information please visit:

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