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Apple Games 2017.01 February 06, 2017 4.76

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Version 2017.01 released on February 06, 2017
- More customized styles. - Improved chess engine. - New friendly features and options.

Version 2013.09 released on October 31, 2013
This is a HUGE update! - Compatible with iOS 7 - All optimal screen sizes and resolutions for all devices are supported. - The trainer chess engine is much stronger (now goes to 3000 USCF Elo instead of only 2100). - 22 new trainer levels, so the app now offers 50 trainer levels ranging from 100 to 3000 USCF Elo. - New 2 players mode: the pieces rotate so that they always face the player who is going to play. - A collection of Bobby Fischer's games (more than 800 games!). - The maximum analysis time has been extended to 3 hours per move - You can have suggestions automatically turned off after you have played your move. - You can try to make an illegal move, and the app tells you why it is not legal. - When you load a game, the app asks you if you want to see the start or the end of the game. - You can hide the clocks. - The app is more friendly for people with color vision deficiency. - A new option allows you to say if you want to see what move comes next when you replay a game. - The current playing mode is always displayed on the main screen. - You can change the app's language independently of your device's settings. - You can activate or disable the device's auto-off when you play chess. - And a lot more…

Version 2012.04 released on August 03, 2012
Thank you so much for all the great reviews! As each update resets the ratings count, please take a moment to update your review for the current version. Also, if you ever have a problem with the game, please write us via the "Report a problem" option, which is available from the Options menu, or with "Contact us" on our website ( We answer all email promptly, and work very hard to solve any problems that come up. If you send a review to report a problem, we have absolutely no way to contact you back. So you will not receive any answer, and it's a pity because we probably already have a solution to your problem! WHAT'S NEW: A few improvements based on users comments.

Version 2012.03 released on May 24, 2012

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App Description

NEW 2017 VERSION !!! ▻ Do you want to learn or improve at chess? ▻ Do you want to master the most prestigious, the classiest game ever, while having fun? It's EASY, and you can start right now! How does it work? It's really simple: you just play! The coach shows you the moves a Grandmaster would pick. Not just one move, HE SHOWS YOU THE 4 BEST MOVES! Sounds silly? Well think about it... How did you learn to talk when you were a child? Did you take grammar and spelling lessons? Of course not. You just went with the flow, because that's the most effective way to learn! This app allows you to do just that, AND IT WORKS! It is also recommended for ADVANCED PLAYERS and EXPERTS: it includes 6000 grandmaster games that you can study with the analysis feature. You can save your games, send them by email, and even import games from other chess apps. The built-in chess engine can also play at the World Championship level if you want. This app doesn't display any banner ad.

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