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Galaxy Wars:Empire


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Apple Games 1.0 September 01, 2016 4.17

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Version 1.0 released on September 01, 2016

Version 1.0.13 released on September 08, 2016
New Features: -Brand New World Boss Added, Its time to unite and defeat. -New Admiral Privilege Added.

Version 1.0.16 released on September 26, 2016
Dear commander: To provide you a better game experience, we added the following updates in the new version: Alliance Gifts: When one of your alliance members buys a specific gift with the alliance gift label, all alliance members will get a gift box. You can claim these rewards through the alliance button. Warship Transformation: Now you can transform your warships the factory. You can use new parts to increase your warships’ combat power and abilities. Royal Admiral Privileges: We are adding more functions for Royal Admirals privileges. During the term of the Royal Admiral Privileges, you’ll get special chat graphics and a special nameplate. *Please update to the newest version to experience these new features! Thank you for your support of the game. Galaxy Wars game studio

Version 1.0.17 released on September 30, 2016
Update Notes: New Account System:Your can create, modify or delete character in the new account system. In base building updates; New Field monster

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App Description

In the year 2503, humanity exhausted Earth's resources. In desperation, humanity sent their colonial fleets to explore the galaxy and find new resources. This thirst for resources brought us in contact with ancient alien empires. Contact led to war, and eventually powerful aliens responded by destroying earth. Humans went into exile among the stars. Now, in the year 2516, we need a hero to lead us and rebuild our civilization. Can you be that hero? "Galaxy Wars" is a massively multiplayer SLG online game where players battle on an alien exoplanet. Upgrade your buildings, unlock and research technology, build your forces and collect resources. As you grow your base, you'll find more to do and explore on the planet! Game Features * Battle, chat and interact with players from around the world. Galaxy Wars provides real-time translation. You'll not only meet players from around the globe, but you'll also have barrier-free communication with them. * Varied and challenging strategy. Build your own Base and high-tech forces and conquer and rule Planet Eden. How you do it is up to you. * Powerful star alliances. Join or build a star alliance and recruit and fight alongside players from around the world. Lead your allies to defeat enemies and plunder resources! * Exciting PvP battle system. Will you engage in alliance warfare, fight to rule the Eden, or fight for yourself? Play the way you want. * Use futuristic weapons and features including laser cannons, energy weapons, avatar warmech, base jumps and even ancient science and technology. How to Play You are the new commander of a human Base on Exoplanet Eden. Develop your base, upgrade your buildings and research technology. Build a powerful force and plunder resources from other players, or collect resources found on planet. Join an alliance for assistance and protection. Together, you will be stronger. Buy gift packs or complete tasks to earn items and rewards. Circumstances can change quickly, so your items will be very helpful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language Support: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Korean Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Customer

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Galaxy Wars:Empire Screenshot Galaxy Wars:Empire Screenshot Galaxy Wars:Empire Screenshot Galaxy Wars:Empire Screenshot

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