Get REKT Soundboard with Dank Memes & MLG Sounds

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Get REKT Soundboard with Dank Memes & MLG Sounds

Jonathan Ebenstein,

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Apple Entertainment 2.3 June 30, 2017 4.94

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Version 2.3 released on June 30, 2017
In this version of Get REKT Soundboard, we introduced the following sounds and features: * Added 3 new pages of the best cancer the meme economy has to offer, including Boneless Pizza sounds * Added several new Minecraft jams, ear rape songs and XXXSENSATION * All new Vine-like sounds now have the Instagram icon * Fixed lag issues on older devices (hopefully) * There is now random flashing text on the settings page! * This app is 100% BONELESS We would like to give a special thanks to everyone over the past two years who have helped us reach 1 million downloads. Unlike the stale memes on the first few pages, your support will never get old.

Version 2.2.1 released on March 14, 2017
In this version of Get REKT Soundboard, we added the following changes: * Fixed a random "bug" that almost got this app pulled from the App Store As of March 11th, 2017, Get REKT Soundboard has over 1 million downloads! Thanks everyone for the support. There will be a real update soon to celebrate this awesome achievement!

Version 2.2 released on January 17, 2017
In this version of Get REKT Soundboard, the following changes have been made * Added an entire page of sounds that were forgotten in the last update by mistake * Added a bonus Robbie Rotten song * Added a semi-hidden original fanfiction left by one of the review people * Removed a duplicate sound file * Fired the intern that screwed up the sound pages (he was unpaid anyways) * Reworked the splash screen with decorative soaps and smooth jazz * Hit that yeet Stay tuned for more sound additions featuring fancy lawn chairs, umbrella jokes and a whole lot more!

Version 2.1.1 released on December 22, 2016
For the second year in a row, we've fixed some bugs in the week before Christmas. We're really good at making apps, aren't we? Please update so this app doesn't crash on startup. Happy Holidays! Welcome back to another one of these update things! GRSB 2.1 is a major sound update that brings the following artifacts under your christmas tree: * A neuron inducing 60 sound files of 2016's spiciest memes * A 60 pack of half used crayons (sharpener NOT included, please stop asking) * A 60 pound bag of Santa's old Christmas lights (lights don't work due to global warming) * Even more Filthy Frank sounds * Fixed a 3 month old bug where certain sound files would crash the app * Fixed the sound suggesting email thing * Fixed the review button (sharpener NOT included, please stop asking) * Fixed Twitter and App Ratings * Updated the pancake recipe (it now works in competitive sporting events) * Removed Osama (he was a good president) * Refilled bleach canisters with egg nog to prevent whale related (bleach induced) suicides * Fixed bug where app would sometimes spill oil Sounds include Vine (rest in peace, sweet prince), Keemstar, iDubbbz, videogamedunkey, Tumblr, and more

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App Description

Thanks m8s for over 1 MILLION downloads! Get REKT Soundboard is now 2 years old We are the largest and most updated MLG Soundboard on the App Store! (Thanks to Harambe, we are the only animal friendly one.) Get REKT Soundboard is powered by the Illuminatti's 300 years of quickscoping experience to bring you the best, completely free sounds and the dankest memes. We don't believe in in-app purchases. Version 2.3 is HERE, which has MLG Text to Speech robot voice s (Daniel and Karen), and John Cena sounds!1! Best of all, it's FREE! The Illuminati is proud to announce Get REKT Soundboard! We teamed up with FaZe clan to bring you the most dank MLG Soundboard on the App Store! (Stealing the rare memes may result in instant hard drive failure, government intervention, or in some cases, loss of meme privileges forever.) WARNING: You may lose your fedora from experiencing too much dank. We are not responsible for lost or stolen Doritos either. Please download with caution. Thanks. More dank is coming to a swamp near you! Apple Watch support, sound recording, and a whole new interface layout are on their way! Using Get Rekt Soundboard's 360 swagscoping capabilities, all of YouTube and Vine's best MLG montage parody sounds can be at your fingertips so you will never be in a situation without them. The great features of the Get REKT Soundboard include: 1. 24 Pages and 333+ dank sounds to choose from 2. A Stop Button - You can now stop a sound while it is playing! 3. FREE and UNLIMITED Text-to-Speech robot voice usage that doesn't require tokens 4. Each sound has it's own icon! 5. Exclusive sounds that are not on any other soundboard! 6. High resolution icons and better icon contrast 7. All sounds are ready to use upon downloading! 8. Swiping between pages is now possible! 9. Full 64 bit iOS Support 10. Ready for iOS 10! 11. Sounds can play at the same time between pages! 12. Regularly planned free monthly updates with new sounds and features 13. Completely FREE! 14. Get REKT Soundboard is the official MLG Soundboard of the Illuminati! 15. This app floats! This is what our users have to say about Get REKT Soundboard: "I would give this a solid 420/69 but sadly the apple store's meme levels aren't even close to being ovar nein thousand so I have to r8 it a dank 5/5" - Jbjba "So much swag combined into one serving, it's like eating a whole birthday cake with a SnapBack. This app will get you all the chicks and quick scopes you ever dreamed of. How do you think Obama became president?... [Triangle Emoji] #loomanati, follow me on myspace for more facts proving that hulk hogan is a lizard." - PhilKosby Stay tuned for future updates which may include Apple Watch support (lol jk), more sounds, and the option to rearrange icons, better sound overlapping. If there are any sounds that you would like for me to add, please leave a review with the suggestion or email me at with a link to the sound. Certain sounds that have been requested a lot cannot be added due to copyright issues. Email any other suggestions or bug reports at as well.

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Get REKT Soundboard with Dank Memes & MLG Sounds Screenshot Get REKT Soundboard with Dank Memes & MLG Sounds Screenshot Get REKT Soundboard with Dank Memes & MLG Sounds Screenshot Get REKT Soundboard with Dank Memes & MLG Sounds Screenshot

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