GOLD COPD Strategy

GOLD COPD Strategy

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  • GOLD COPD Strategy Screenshot
  • GOLD COPD Strategy Screenshot
  • GOLD COPD Strategy Screenshot

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In partnership with GOLD (the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases), Doctot has produced the official GOLD COPD App.

This much-celebrated medical tool uniquely provides the GOLD strategy for treating Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in a user-friendly and easily navigable format that includes interactive tables and charts.

The App also contains the GOLD sanctioned Combined Assessment of COPD scale.

So, incorporated within are the following:
- COPD Assessment Test (CAT)
- mMRC Scale

The mentioned assessment scale is presented in a wizard format so the HCP can easily navigate through the interview components to record a patient's status.

The tool automatically generates the scale total and categorises this score – based upon the user's input. An “Information” section is also provided with relevant background details.

Thanks to the aforementioned digital features, pre-existing diagnostic tools cannot match this App for accuracy, efficiency, clarity, reliability, unity, speed, accessibility or stability. Because of such, Doctot GOLD COPD can enhance the quality of care on offer, improve overall productivity, and allow greater patient numbers to be treated.

The generous contribution of Prof. Andrew McIvor, McMaster University, BA, Canada in providing his expertise and knowledge on this project is recognised by both Doctot and GOLD.

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