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Calculate your and your friends blood alcohol level (BAC) with that easy to use app. Enter start and end time of drinking, the number of your drinks and you will get the calculated blood alcohol levels (BAC)instantly. The live mode always calculates your current alcohol level.
Add and edit as many users as you want. A huge number of drinks are predefined for immediate use. You can set up new drinks or edit default ones.
The blood alcohol chart shows when you reach a certain level or when you are going to be sober again. Share your BAC via Twitter or Facebook. Let all your friend participate in your party.
Different countries use different units to measure the BAC. For example Germany uses permille instead of percent.
You can set up a country specific units, depending on the country where the party is.
The commonly used “Standard-Drink-Units” are also calculated for different countries.
All calculations are based on the approved Widmark-Formula.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the calculated blood alcohol content (BAC) is only an estimation. Don't use this app to determine the ability to drive.

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