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Instanumber is your private phone app that is secure and versatile. Instantly add and remove as many phone numbers as you need to iPhone, iPad, and iPod, with area codes of your choice.

Whether you need a throwaway phone number for a day, or permanent second and third phone numbers, Instanumber will become an essential communication companion.

It works just like any regular phone number. You can,

• Make and receive calls,
• Send and receive text messages,
• Receive and check voicemails with custom greetings,
• Change ringtones and text notification sounds.

In addition it features,

• Realtime caller ID, so you always know who’s calling,
• Snooze for each number, when you don’t want to be distracted,
• No roaming or long distance fees even when you are abroad,
• Use of top tier carrier networks for high reliability,
• Passcode lock, to make all logs private, and more.

It is unlike any other. It is perfect for,

• Use as separate business numbers and on business cards,
• Posting, or contacting numbers on Craigslist,
• Use on your first date when you are just not sure yet,
• Posting on social networks,
• Use on job boards and resume,
• And much, much more!

You will never have to give out your private numbers in wary situations again. Try it with the free initial number, and buy, or earn for free, more credits to add more numbers at low rates.

* Works on all iOS devices. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
* Supports native screen resolutions on all devices, including iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.

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